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July 22, 2022


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Securitas completes $3.2 billion acquisition of Stanley Security underlining faith in electronic security services market

Securitas, one of the world’s largest security services companies, has completed its acquisition of Stanley Black & Decker’s electronic security business – Stanley Security and Healthcare. 

Securitas-StanleyAcquisition-22The acquisition was originally announced in December 2021, with the reported purchase price to be $3.2 billion, making it the company’s largest acquisition to date. Reporting on the sale, Reuters noted that Securitas had been looking to increase its market share of the electronic security services sector for years and reduce its reliance on staff-intensive guarding.

Stanley Security, which is based in the US, specialises in a portfolio of tech-enabled security services, ranging from alarm monitoring to systems integration. It has approximately 8,000 employees worldwide, operating through 200 locations and 16 monitoring centres in countries including the US, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and more.

Stanley prides itself on its 30-year history of protecting clients globally, through a portfolio of tech-enabled security services. Securitas says it believes technology will be key to enabling smarter security services and achieving its ambition of becoming a business partner that provides holistic and integrated solutions to its clients. Approximately 50% of the company’s profit contribution is expected to be generated through higher-margin technology and solutions sales, and it is anticipating significant commercial opportunities following this move.

Following regulatory approvals, the acquisition was completed on 22 July 2022.

“We see an increasing client demand to complement our guarding and consulting offering with technology-based solutions. As global challenges evolve rapidly, safety and security solutions are essential to helping organisations protect their people, safeguard their assets and optimise their operations. Together with STANLEY Security and Healthcare, we are able to drive and redefine the future of the security industry by providing a broad portfolio of integrated tech-enabled solutions that help our clients focus on managing their core business,” says Magnus Ahlqvist, President and CEO.

“Bringing together our two great companies is an industry-defining event and going forward approximately 50% of our profit contribution is expected to be generated through higher-margin technology and solutions sales. Combining our talent and expertise sets us up for stronger growth and gives us great confidence for the future. Our shared values and high sustainability ambitions enable us to utilise our potential to provide tech-enabled security solutions that create long-term value for our clients, our shareholders and the society at large,” concludes Ahlqvist.

Shaun Kennedy, Country President, Securitas UK, agrees. “We are extremely excited to unite with STANLEY Security in the UK and combine the skills and expertise of our industry-leading technology teams. Whether it’s a small local business enterprise or a large-scale multi-national corporate, organisations of today require advanced safety and security solutions to power their progress. Coming together with STANLEY Security enables us to further expand our footprint and use our combined capabilities to better serve these organisations today and in the future.”


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