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June 8, 2016

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ASFP and FIS to Launch Fire Performance Partition Labelling Scheme at FIREX 2016

The Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) and FIS, which represents the finishes and interior sector, are launching a new fire performance partition labelling scheme at FIREX International 2016.

The labelling initiative aims to identify fire performance partitions to installers, M&E contractors, building owners, and facilities managers and highlight the risks of cutting holes in them for services. Such holes negate the performance of the partition, and allow smoke and fire to pass from one compartment to another, which could lead to loss of life and extensive damage to the building, as well as having huge impacts on the business.

Visitors attending the scheme launch, which takes place in the FIREX Expertise & Guidance Theatre at 2.30-3.00pm on 21 June, will be taken to a ‘Crime Scene’, where they will be asked to identify the culprit responsible for causing dangerous damage to a fire partition. Was it the M&E contractor, the cabling installer or the building user who was guilty of this particular crime, marked out in ASFP/FIS Fire Performance Label tape?

The Fire Performance Labelling Scheme is a partnership between ASFP and FIS. Printed on 60m rolls of self-adhesive tape, the labels will be available from the main distributors of fire-rated partition systems.

Placed at high level, where the penetrations are likely to pass through the partition and above the line of any suspended ceiling, the labels will identify any partition that is fire-rated and highlight where to go for advice before cutting holes through it. Each will feature a link to the ASFP website which will provide suitable advice on how to cut a hole and correctly ‘fire stop’ the work to ensure the performance of the partition is maintained.

By identifying the location of such partitions and providing an instant link to advice, the two Associations hope to assist contractors, building owners and facility managers in maintaining the integrity of all such compartment walls.

This simple scheme will ensure that retrofit contractors are aware when a partition is a barrier designed to provide protection from fire and prevent its spread, and that any penetration must be made good to maintain its performance.

The labelling scheme will also help the ‘Responsible Person’ manage any retrospective work where cabling or ducting has to pass through a performance partition. It will reduce the risk of breaching the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, and help building owners avoid costly and disruptive remediation work, while ultimately saving life and property.

FIREX International 2016 between 21-23 June at London’s ExCeL. Register here to attend and then book a meeting with the ASFP to take place during the event.

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