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April 19, 2017


Lithium-Ion batteries. A guide to the fire risk that isn’t going away but can be managed

Mobotix launches new Mx6: the most powerful 6MP camera system yet

Mobotix is starting series production of its new Mx6 6MP camera line with outdoor dual cameras.

The Mx6 line is compatible with the outdoor dual cameras M16, D16, S16 and V16.

In terms of outer appearance, the models look exactly the same as the x15 cameras, which are still available, but use a more powerful computer processing unit (CPU) that produces up to twice as many images per second at the same resolution.

For instance, in full high definition the cameras deliver up to 34 frames per second, which enables better capture of quick movements.

Not only faster, the new camera line also has more capacity for software applications such as three dimensional motion analysis and license plate capture in the camera.

Regular software updates ensure the performance of the intelligent camera system continually improves, making the Mx6 camera system a smart investment.

H.264 accommodated

Mx6 cameras simultaneously deliver video data in up to three different formats: MxPEG, MJPEG and, for the first time, H.264.

This allows Mobotix users to choose the right codec for their application. MxPEG can fulfil requirements for high image quality or H.264 can be used to achieve compatibility with the industry standard.

Mx6 cameras also offer basic functions in keeping with ONVIF, a global open interface standard and the next firmware update will achieve complete ONVIF compatibility.

The Mx6 camera system is more flexible due to RTSP/Multicast, which enables simultaneous camera access for any number of users without reducing the frame rate.

The camera system with H.264/ONVIF opens up new application and integration options for partners and end customers.

“The Mx6 system makes much of what makes Mobotix unique even better. The dual core processor architecture has allowed us to achieve the most processing power that a Mobotix camera system has ever had, the highest frame rate, intelligent 3D motion detection and even more capacity for software applications on the camera,” says the company’s CTO Dr Oliver Gabel.

The standard version of the M16 AllroundDual features two light-sensitive sensor modules to deliver sharp colour videos and high-contrast black and white videos, even in poor light conditions.

The M16 Thermal has a thermal image sensor that detects moving objects, even in total darkness. A second image sensor module can be added at any time to reliably identify objects, even in poor lighting. The thermal radiometry function can be used to detect fire or heat sources.

The combination of a modular double-sensor and FlexMount technologies, means the S16 FlexMount covers two areas and remains virtually invisible. The S16 is used for customised installations.

The D16 is a DualDome camera with two image sensors that are suitable for a wide range of applications, due to the range of viewing options, including a 180° version with an extra-wide panorama view or as a day/night model. Next Mobotix plans to introduce the Mx6 series single lens models.

Due to decentralised system architecture the new Mx6 dual cameras not only deliver sharp images, but also analyse the collected data, recognise hazards, trigger actions to protect against risks and prevent financial loss through theft, vandalism or fire.

Check out Mobotix’s latest products in the flesh at IFSEC International, 20-22 June 2017, London ExCeL. You can find Mobotix on stand D900. Get your free badge now.

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