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June 20, 2018


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IFseC 2018 launch

MOBOTIX unveils MOBOTIX MOVE network cameras at IFSEC 2018

MOBOTIX has unveiled its new MOBOTIX MOVE line of video surveillance cameras at IFSEC 2018.

The German brand also welcomes six partners – Genetec, Ipsotek, Kentix, SEDI, SeSys and Wavestore – onto its booth to demonstrate integrated solutions in video encoding, decentralised operation and analytics.

MOBOTIX MOVE cameras are the first ONVIF G-compliant series and can deliver three H.264 streams at the same time. Comprising four models, the series also features motorized varifocal lenses, integrated IR illumination and Wide Dynamic Range.

“MOBOTIX MOVE series is our response to requests from integrators and installers who asked for standard products when it comes to tenders where the specification requires features like PTZ, varifocal lenses and WDR.” Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX.

“We listened and the MOBOTIX MOVE series is our response to requests from integrators and installers who asked for standard products when it comes to tenders where the specification requires features like PTZ, varifocal lenses and WDR,” said Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX.

“MOBOTIX MOVE products are specified and tested by MOBOTIX in Germany and manufactured under supervision. Our customers can be sure that we won’t lose our product DNA and all MOBOTIX MOVE branded devices are delivered and supported according to the same high-quality standards our customers expect.”

MOBOTIX is also showcasing the second generation of its flagship Mx6 camera line, featuring integrated MxBus functionality. This two-wire cable system is encrypted against cyberattacks and adds MX-GPS-Box, a time server.

“The inclusion of more partners at IFSEC is an example of our ongoing strategy of making MOBOTIX more open and responsive to the needs of our entire ecosystem for the benefit of our customers,” said Lausten. “MOBOTIX is an innovative company with engineering excellence at its heart and as a global supplier, our inclusive strategy is helping us to enter new markets by providing our partners with more flexibility to address a wider range of projects with our systems.”

“A number of solutions use our decentralised concept with various sensor technologies and other devices across the network to reliably detect situations and independently initiate actions in responses. Our goal is to take our industry beyond human vision and blend sensors, communication and analysis that helps users increase process efficiency and develop innovative business models.”

See MOBOTIX at IFSEC International 2018 on Stand Number C310 at ExCel London 19-21 June 2018. Register here to discuss your cyber security needs before it’s too late.

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Former Mobotix Fan
Former Mobotix Fan
June 20, 2018 6:11 pm

These products look very much like Dynacolor OEM.
At least they are hones about doing camera OEM and not like all the other ones trying to hide it. But ”specified”, “tested” and “supervision”is just marketing languange and does not mean anything., OEM will always be just rebranding cameras made by someone else…
Of course they can’t admit that OEM is just a way to desperately try to survive. Let’s see how long it will take until they vanish from the market.

Mobotix Fan
Mobotix Fan
July 2, 2018 10:01 pm

Former Mobotix Fan, Its interesting the amount of negative emotion expressed in that comment. These cameras look like a great addition to supplement the features that are sometimes needed in projects that Mobotix doesn’t offer. Sounds like someone has been jaded by something here but from what I have seen in the market your going to be waiting a long time for Mobotix to “vanish” from the market as they have been getting alot of press lately and they look like they are going in the right direction. Yes, it does look like Dynacolor, no one cares because if it… Read more »

Steve Smith
Steve Smith
July 28, 2018 8:08 am

It’s important for readers to understand that Mobotix Move is a Dynacolor rebadge, and nothing more. This of course means that Mobotix key differentiators being “MxPEG”, “decentralized video”, “made in Germany” and “no moving parts” do not apply to the Mobotix Move range. Additionally, MxManagmentCenter does not support the new Mobotix Move devices so they cannot coexist on the same system with the Mx6 cameras, unless you buy Milestone licenses. Which is bizarre to say the least. Say goodbye to the promise of “no software licensing costs when you buy a Mobotix system”. What Mobotix partners will find extremely challenging… Read more »

Rene Z.
Rene Z.
August 2, 2018 9:31 am

Okay so Mobotix has signed a global OEM deal with Dynacolor and I believe it was a fairly quick decision to get the product to market which explains why the MX Move products are not able to connect to mxmanagementcenter. Our Mobotix rep tells us the Move cams will be good to connect with mxmanagementcenter around December. Obviously the new CEO at Mobotix is ex-Milestone so he is all about connecting to other technologies and platforms which is the opposite of what Mobotix has always been about. This could be a good decision, as mxmanagementcenter is hopelessly limited in its… Read more »