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July 14, 2017

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Synergis and SALTO locks integration means our customers can cost-effectively replace mechanical locks, says Genetec

Genetec Synergis – the IP access control system of Security Center – now supports SALTO SVN-enabled locks, Genetec has announced.

SALTO’s standalone battery-operated locks, which are now available through Genetec’s global reseller network, can now replace traditional mechanical locks on doors and entrances that might have otherwise been too expensive to network with wired or wireless locks.

Harnessing RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology escutcheons, electronic cylinders, locker locks, electronic padlocks and other SALTO locks can communicate with a central server through a smart data-on-card system. The keycard contains all access data.

An offline standalone door, locker, cabinet or server rack can writes data like access rights, blacklist information or battery status back onto a card, which then relays this data back to Synergis via online wall readers, thanks to two-way communication.

The integration also means that Synergis access cards and locks can now be updated, restricted or deleted remotely.

“Customers who rely on traditional mechanical brass keys for interior openings like doors, cabinets and lockers are all too familiar with the tremendous costs and loss of time associated with rekeying and lock reprogramming,” says Derek Arcuri, access control product marketing manager at Genetec.

“The integration between SALTO SVN and Security Center Synergis unlocks an opportunity for customers to efficiently heighten their security without the added expense of adding network access to each interior opening.”

The SALTO range of SVN-supported locks includes the cost-effective XS4 range of escutcheons, electronic cylinders and the entire SALTO platform.

“For customers who wish to include offline locks in their managed access control infrastructure the only option was – until now – to replace these standalone locks with more expensive hard wired or wireless options. The SALTO SVN-enabled locks are not only priced similarly to traditional locks, but they can now be integrated and managed within Synergis through the movement of SALTO SVN smartcards,” says Bill Wood, president of Salto Systems, North America.

The SALTO XS4 platform is available immediately through Genetec and its certified global network of resellers.

Genetec develops open-architecture software, hardware and cloud-based services for the physical security and public safety industry.


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