IDEMIA on showcasing touchless 3D biometrics and video analytics at IFSEC 2019

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Adam Bannister was Editor of IFSEC Global from 2014 through to November 2019. Adam is also a former Managing Editor at Dynamis Online Media Group.
June 12, 2019

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IDEMIA, a global leader in security and ‘augmented identity’ solutions, is exhibiting at IFSEC 2019 between 18-20 June, ExCeL London.

IFSEC Global spoke to the company’s marketing manager for biometric devices, Roland Bely, about two ground-breaking innovations being showcased in London: “an access control reader with no equivalent on the market” and a video analytics application that harnesses deep learning algorithms and biometric data.

IFSEC Global: Who are IDEMIA for anyone unfamiliar with the brand?

Roland Bely: IDEMIA is born out of the coming together of two companies two years ago: OT (Oberthur Technologies) and Safran Identity & Security (Morpho).

IDEMIA is the leader in Augmented Identity and our goal is to deliver solutions that combine security and convenience – secure identity with a seamless user experience.

Our company counts 13,000 employees of more than 80 nationalities and we serve clients in 180 countries, with offices on every continent.

What would you say your advantages are as a brand in relation to competitors?

IDEMIA has a huge experience in many fields related to security, especially biometrics and cryptography. We have gathered OT and Morpho’s strengths to enhance our expertise in such areas like AI, advanced analytics and all domains related to cloud-based solutions.

Wherever security matters in identity, IDEMIA has invested. The Group counts 2000 R&D experts and in the five years since the creation of the company, R&D investment is planned to reach €1bn.

“IDEMIA has built a leadership through major contracts with police agencies worldwide, thus being the worldwide leader in police biometric systems”

We develop identity solutions that bridge the physical and digital world, and are not only secure but also convenient. It is our company’s DNA. What’s more, IDEMIA has built a leadership through major contracts with police agencies worldwide, thus being the worldwide leader in police biometric systems. The Group is also the supplier of the world’s largest biometric deployment – the Indian AADHAAR program – with a multi-biometric database of 1.2 billion people.

IDEMIA is definitely the industrial partner you are looking for to get cutting-edge technologies and a solid expertise in project management from a global company.

Are you unveiling any new products at the show?

IFSEC International is the opportunity for us to launch Augmented Vision, our real-time Video Analytics application designed to enhance security in public and private places.

It leverages all of IDEMIA’s latest technologies based on deep learning and biometrics for video and image analysis. We have delivered for a long time best-in-class combination of efficiency, scalability and accuracy for facial recognition, as evidenced by our leading position in NIST benchmarks.

Augmented Vision supports transport hubs, stadiums and arenas, retail and commercial buildings, as well as gaming and entertainment sites that face growing security challenges.

This solution searches live video feeds from standard CCTV cameras, directly sending an alert if a person of interest is detected. Additionally, if the person of interest tries to enter a restricted area, the security system can automatically refuse access. The alert functionalities will also significantly reduce time needed for video and image analysis during post-event investigations. Identifying a number of people can also be used to enable rather than prohibit access, for example by allowing employees enter their office building or certain secure areas.

The other star of the show is a product called MorphoWave Compact: an access control reader with no equivalent on the market.

To gain access, one just need to wave his hand over the product’s sensor. Our truly contactless reader captures four fingerprints simultaneously and compares fingerprint data with the data previously stored in the system, before granting or denying access.

Thanks to a patented touchless 3D acquisition technology, MorphoWave Compact captures more fingerprint data than conventional contact sensors – not just ridges but also surface, shape and curvature of fingers. So the system has much more data to compare and guarantees higher accuracy – which means higher security of course.

IDEMIA is exhibiting at IFSEC International 2019, taking place between 18-20 June 2019 at ExCeL London (stand IF3130). Book your free ticket now.

“MorphoWave Compact is capable of throughput exceeding 45 people per minute”

It is easy to use and capable of throughput exceeding 45 people per minute, making it ideal to protect high traffic areas. You don’t have to stop – you wave your hand above the sensor, the door opens and you keep on walking. Purely frictionless access.

We did many field tests over the years to develop this reliable product, built for the real world. As a result, our technology is immune to environmental factors, like dust or external light, and copes with wet, dry and worn fingerprints.

In what ways does MorphoWave Compact differ from previous biometric solutions you’ve launched?

In 2015, we released the first access control product using this technology, a foot mount terminal called MorphoWave Tower. Many prestigious customers said “Wow, this technology is magic” and decided to implement it in their lobbies: top financial institutions, prestigious universities, oil and gas companies, etc.

That is the beauty of touchless biometrics: it is totally frictionless. Costumers and end-users really loved it and asked us to develop a wall-mounted reader, which could be installed close to a door, to protect any access, not only main lobbies. This is why we developed MorphoWave Compact, which delivers the same outstanding performances as MorphoWave Tower in a much smaller form factor.

In addition, MorphoWave Compact offers more features like IP65 rating, Power over Ethernet and Wi-Fi/4G connections. It embeds also a contactless card reader for use cases where badges are necessary.

Everywhere we demonstrate MorphoWave Compact, people love it. It’s like something out of a science fiction movie. Everyone is impressed by the technology… so we invite people to come to our IFSEC booth and try it!

Is it applicable only to access control solutions?

Access control and Time & Attendance are the main drivers, but there are other use cases for this technology. Universities for instance use our terminal for contactless payment in cafeterias.

What other solutions will you have on your IFSEC stand?

We will showcase other solutions for access control and time & attendance, not only fixed but also mobile readers, plus our latest innovation for fingerprinting, an extra thin (1 inch) livescan device.

What kind of professionals, from which sectors, do you expect to visit your stand?

Our products will interest installers, consultants and end-users in lots of verticals. In fact, every organization that wants to show it is in advance in terms of technology. Having for instance our MorphoWave Compact in their premises shows that they are cutting-edge companies. Another vertical where our touchless fingerprint reader is popular is real estate, especially for car access. Residents can wave their hand out of the car window to open the gate.

Augmented Vision on its part addresses malls, stations, airports and any organization managing a crowd of people. It allows third party integration into any infrastructure, whatever the current set-up.

Some small to medium-sized businesses might assume that biometric access control is very expensive…

By shrinking the size of our touchless 3D fingerprint reader, we’ve also shrunk the cost, achieving a very competitive cost of ownership.

Where can people find you at IFSEC?

We are very close to the Central Park, reason why we decided to sponsor it. People can kill two birds with one stone: go to the Park for a refreshment and then visit our stand (IF3130).

In addition to our booth, visitors can enjoy an immersive experience and discover the full potential of Augmented Vision at IDEMIA’s Experience and Hospitality Suite.

Come and see our products and solutions at IFSEC – we promise you will be impressed!

IDEMIA is exhibiting at IFSEC International 2019, taking place between 18-20 June 2019 at ExCeL London (stand IF3130). Book your free ticket now.

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