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October 14, 2019

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WATCH: The value of employee engagement in the security sector

MIT Ventures exhibited at IFSEC International, in June 2019 at ExCeL London, to champion the importance of, and methods of achieving, employee engagement in the security sector.

The company defines employee engagement as a workplace approach that will significantly lower the risk of staff turnover.

In the video below MIT Ventures CEO David Callaghan tells IFSEC how the employee engagement service provider aims to ensure a clear distinction between general levels of satisfaction and genuine employee engagement, which is crucial for building an effective employee engagement strategy, and ultimately transforming an organisation with lasting results.

David also emphasised that its services are open to all industries, but particularly, the security industry could benefit from its tools the most, given that it is an employee-based industry.

David said: “The security industry is a sweet spot for us, because its predominantly people-intensive, I’ve got 20-30 security clients and most of them will supply hundreds, if not thousands of individuals, so it’s a people-intensive industry. We supply products, services and tool kits based around financial wellbeing, emotional wellbeing and physical wellbeing so that the employee sees their employer in a far better light.”

MIT’S CEO also explained that bridging the gap between employee and employer will “reduce staff turnover, which in turn, reduces recruitment costs, training costs.”

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