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January 22, 2024


State of Physical Access Trend Report 2024

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Fuelling innovation: Solar-powered surveillance

Simon Legrand, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at technology company, Sunstone Systems, reviews the latest advancements in solar-powered and deployable technologies, their diverse applications across industries, and potential future trends that hold the promise of reshaping the landscape of surveillance, connectivity and renewable energy.

Innovation has been the driving force behind transformative technologies for a long time now and solar-powered and off-grid technologies are at the forefront of this revolution in several industries.

Simon Legrand, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Sunstone Systems

From deployments in Oil and Gas to Highways monitoring, these systems are constantly evolving and the integration of new sensors, IoT devices and communications methods continues to showcase the capability and benefits of delivering reliable and off-grid power in disconnected locations.

Advancements in solar-powered surveillance technologies

Efficient solar panels

Breakthroughs in solar panel technology have led to highly efficient and cost-effective photovoltaic cells. These advancements maximise energy harvesting from sunlight, making solar-powered surveillance systems more reliable and robust, even in challenging environments.

Energy storage solutions

Innovative energy storage solutions, such as advanced lead acid, lithium-ion or even graphene-based batteries, enhance the ability of solar-powered surveillance systems to store and utilise solar energy efficiently. These developments ensure continuous operation, even during periods of reduced sunlight.

Intelligent power management

Integrating intelligent power management systems optimises energy consumption and ensures that power is allocated efficiently, enabling critical components to function all year round and in any weather conditions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration

AI algorithms are revolutionising solar-powered surveillance by enabling advanced analytics, real-time object detection, and proactive event response. AI-driven surveillance enhances security by identifying potential threats and triggering alerts, allowing for timely and informed decision-making.

Remote monitoring and connectivity

Advancements in communication technologies facilitate seamless remote monitoring of solar-powered surveillance systems. These developments improve connectivity and data transmission, allowing operators to access real-time feeds and respond promptly to incidents.

Diverse applications across industries

Transportation and traffic management

Solar-powered surveillance is revolutionising traffic management by providing real-time monitoring of strategic (and often disconnected) highways positions. These systems enable traffic control centres to respond swiftly to accidents, congestion, and weather-related incidents, improving overall traffic flow and safety.

Security and public safety

In various sectors, including commercial facilities, critical infrastructure, and public spaces, solar-powered surveillance enhances security by monitoring premises, detecting intrusions, and preventing criminal activities. The continuous monitoring capability and eco-friendly operation make these systems a preferred choice for safeguarding assets and ensuring public safety.

Construction and project management

Construction sites leverage solar-powered surveillance for monitoring work progress, equipment utilisation, and worker safety. These systems aid project managers in optimising resource allocation, reducing theft, and maintaining a safe work environment.

Rural and Off-Grid Connectivity In remote and off-grid areas, solar-powered surveillance plays a vital role in establishing communication networks and enhancing safety in remote locations.

Future trends in solar-powered technologies

The future of solar-powered systems is promising, with ongoing research and development focused on increasing efficiency, scalability, and affordability. Some potential trends include:

Advanced energy harvesting

Continued advancements in solar panel technology will yield even higher energy conversion rates, allowing surveillance systems to operate with increased efficiency. These breakthroughs mean surveillance systems can capture and convert sunlight into electricity more effectively than ever before.

The result is enhanced operational efficiency, providing a reliable and sustainable power source for surveillance cameras, communication devices, and other essential components.

5G integration

As 5G networks continue to expand, solar-powered surveillance will integrate seamlessly with high-speed communication systems, enabling faster data transmission and improved video streaming.

The integration of 5G will enable surveillance cameras to transmit data and video streams with unprecedented speed and reliability, ensuring real-time access to critical information.

This synergy between solar power and 5G technology not only bolsters the efficiency of surveillance operations but also paves the way for advanced features like remote monitoring, AI-driven analytics, and seamless connectivity in even the most remote and off-grid locations. As solar-powered surveillance harnesses the power of 5G integration, the industry will witness a paradigm shift in data transmission capabilities, further reinforcing the role of these systems in shaping a smarter and safer future.

Autonomous surveillance

AI-powered surveillance systems will become increasingly autonomous, enabling real-time analysis and decision-making without human intervention, enhancing responsiveness and security. AI algorithms process vast amounts of data from surveillance cameras and sensors, identifying potential threats and anomalies with precision and speed.

This newfound autonomy enhances responsiveness, as surveillance systems can promptly detect and respond to security breaches or unusual activities, preventing potential incidents from escalating. Moreover, reduced human intervention streamlines operations, freeing up human resources for more strategic tasks. As AI-powered surveillance systems continue to advance, the future holds immense potential for creating safer and smarter environments, where autonomous monitoring enhances security and bolsters efficiency in various industries and public spaces.

Multi-sensor integration

Future solar-powered surveillance systems may incorporate multiple sensors, such as thermal imaging and environmental monitoring, expanding their capabilities and use cases. Looking ahead, off-grid power platforms are likely to incorporate a diverse array of sensors, including thermal imaging and environmental monitoring capabilities. By fusing data from these sensors with traditional surveillance cameras, these systems can offer comprehensive insights and analyses.

Thermal imaging enables the detection of heat signatures, allowing surveillance systems to spot intruders or identify anomalies in low-light or challenging conditions. Environmental monitoring, on the other hand, empowers these renewable platforms to assess air quality, temperature, and other environmental factors that may impact security or asset protection in remote locations.

This multi-sensor integration expands the potential use cases for solar-powered surveillance and off-grid connectivity, making it a dynamic tool for industries ranging from security to environmental monitoring and beyond.

Indispensable tools 

The evolution of solar-powered surveillance systems continues to shape the landscape of industries worldwide. With cutting-edge innovations and diverse applications, these technologies contribute to sustainability, safety, and efficiency.

As research and development efforts progress, the future holds the promise of even more advanced, intelligent, and eco-friendly solar-powered surveillance systems, solidifying their role as indispensable tools in our pursuit of a safer, smarter, and more sustainable world.

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