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July 18, 2017


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MOBOTIX completes Mx6 6MP camera series with new indoor models

MOBOTIX has added new indoor models – c26, i26, p26 and v26 – to the Mx6 6MP camera line.

The German surveillance brand says it marks the completion of the Mx6 series, which it launched earlier in the year. The Mx6 series is a major departure for MOBOTIX as it accommodates the video compression industry standard – H.264 – for the first time.

Features (across all four models)

  • Processor delivers up to twice as many images per second, at the same resolution, as previous models
  • Video data simultaneously offered in three formats (MxPEG, MJPEG and H.264), as well as a range of resolutions
  • RTSP/multicast enhances flexibility
  • Intelligent motion detection within camera affords spare capacity for additional software applications
  • Available with more powerful CPU
  • H.264 encoder
  • New processor architecture has boosted frame rate and capacity to capture rapid movement
  • Video stream can be displayed on multiple clients simultaneously without compromising frame rate
  • H.264 compression standard format available on MOBOTIX cameras for the first time
  • Users can toggle between high image quality with MxPEG and – where video transmission and camera integration is problematic –  the lower quality industry standard
  • Basic ONVIF functions offered
  • 6-megapixel moonlight sensors
  • Low light performance of >1 Lux

How the models compare

  • c26 is the smallest and lightest MOBOTIX 360° camera yet: 12cm diameter and 200 grams weight. Therefore effective for rapid ceiling mounting in suspended ceilings
  • i26 is also compact and discrete, so suited to corresponding wall mounting. Tilt angle of 15° means the camera can get the kind of complete coverage that would otherwise need four cameras
  • p26 offers flexibility during installation thanks to manual swivel and tilt functions. And 90° lens means total room coverage can be achieved from a corner position
  • v26 is the first vandalism-proof indoor camera to offer all MOBOTIX functions. On-wall audio set and vandalism sets provide robust protection.

Mobotix says

“We will continue to remain true to our decentralized concept – storing maximum intelligence in a camera – and thereby offer solutions that go above and beyond traditional applications,” said MOBOTIX CTO Dr Oliver Gabel. “At the same time, we are open to generally used technologies such as H.264 and participation in standard forums such as ONVIF.

“We do not consider these two parts of our approach to be in conflict with each other; instead, they help our range prepare for the future and stay solution-oriented.”


MOBOTIX was founded in Germany in 1999. The German IP camera and software specialists has made a name for itself developing the first decentralised IP camera and supplying the Mount Everest webcam.

Contrary to popular perception as a hardware provider, the company sees itself as a software specialist with in-house hardware development of digital, high-resolution and network-based video security. It produces complete systems using a single source.

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