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February 8, 2017

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022


Redvision announces SDK integration with IDIS DirectIP NVRs and IDIS Center VMS

Redvision’s RV30 rugged PTZ dome cameras can now integrate fully with IDIS DirectIP NVRs and IDIS Center video management software (VMS).

Camera functions like variable speed PTZ operation; minimal joy-stick latency; wiper, IR and white light illumination by manual switch or schedule; and programming of multiple presets and tours can all now be enabled by the IDIS platforms.

Redvision IDIS integration

IDIS DirectIP NVRs record the camera’s full HD, primary video stream, while using its lower resolution sub-streams for efficient control, display and transmission.

“We initially integrated with Redvision’s RV30™ cameras using the universal ONVIF protocol,” says Billy Hopkins, technical manager of IDIS Europe.

“This worked immediately, with no additional development work required. However, Redvision’s firmware and SDK development tool allowed us to take full advantage of more advanced functionality.

“IDIS is pleased to add the Redvision RV30™ to its portfolio. The market-leading, X-SERIES rugged dome is ideally suited to the tough, hot, outdoor conditions typical of our Asian and Middle East market. Its flat glass, camera window and wiper allow us to remove dirt, dust and water.”

Said Dermot Grace, Redvision managing director: “Redvision manufactures the RV30 X-SERIES rugged camera range in the UK. We have 1080p and 720p resolution models, with IR and white light illumination options.

“The 1080p model will view events at distances of 120 metres, with operators identifying people at 40m. The 720p model, although lower resolution, has a 150m range, with operators identifying people at an incredible 60 metres. DirectIP NVRS offer customers a cost-effective recording and control platform for the X-SERIES™ cameras.”

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

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