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January 1, 2014

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Returning to the workplace: How access control plays a vital role in a safe and secure return strategy

CP PLUS TeknoLogix Labs launches HDCVI All-in-one TRIBRID DVR

CP PLUS TeknoLogix Labs has launched Coral All-in-one Tribrid DVR with HDCVI technology, offering compatibility with three signals—IP, analog and HDCVI — to render the comprehensive surveillance solution.

All-in-one CP PLUS Coral Series HDCVI DVR addresses the issues of mixed systems, where Analog, IP and HDCVI cameras have been added to the electronic surveillance system. The solution has been long overdue since the System Integrators had been finding it unviable to integrate different types of cameras for varying design needs. The all-in-one HDCVI CP PLUS Coral series DVR gives much required agility and flexibility to add any camera- IP, Analog and HDCVI. HDCVI technology has been very effective in delivering HD images over coaxial cables up to 500 meter cable runs without any signal loss.

CP PLUS Coral Series HDCVI DVR is a result of its resolve to introduce comprehensive and tailor made solutions which can protect critical infrastructure and value assets across domains with its rugged quality controls, reliable products and optimum solutions to get the best.

In the scenario when HDCVI technology is spreading by giant leaps — it may be a second-to-none alternative for markets, which are willing to get high definition surveillance at lower cost; integrators and installers demand storage device which can mingle the other two signals. The mega DVR is a significant step towards increasing the interoperability of the HDCVI.

The launch of all-in-one CP PLUS Coral Series HDCVI DVR is not only a key to multiple signal access, making a momentum to be compatible with legacy cameras as well as megapixel IP signals, but also an improvement in terms of its capability.

The large range and portfolio of CP PLUS gives comfort to any Surveillance System Architect to design fool-proof design/solution without any black hole/security compromise.

In India, CP PLUS surveillance products and solutions are marketed by Aditya Infotech Ltd through its branches across India.



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