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March 2, 2015

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Talwandi Sabo Power Plant Secured by CP PLUS HDCVI Solution

Vedanta_2CP PLUS has deployed a HD-over-analogue HDCVI solution to secure Talwandi Sabo Power Ltd (TSPL), a Vedanta Group company in the state of Punjab.

Talwandi Sabo Power Plant Limited, the largest power generation facility in Punjab, generates 1980 MW of electricity for 20 lakh households.

A coal-fired thermal power production project with 3 units of 660 MW  the plant was set up by the Vedanta group and is a major step towards giving Punjab a power surplus.

The thermal power plant includes many diversified and integrated operations. Integrated by Z plus Surveillance Security Pvt the CCTV surveillance solution is monitoring key parameters like emissions, temperatures, discharge of waste and so on, as well as protecting the site’s perimeter against illegal intrusion.

In large and environment-critical installations like thermal plants strict adherence to myriad processes and regulations is essential to maintaining smooth operations.

Prior to the installation of surveillance cameras all critical monitoring was conducted via physical security, leaving an important component of critical national infrastructure vulnerable to disruption and sabotage by terrorists and other criminals.

A comprehensive, more automated solution less dependent on human agency was therefore required.

CP PLUS has a large portfolio of video surveillance product that allows any surveillance system architect to design fool-proof solution without compromising the basic security needs.

The team in charge of the project identified suitable locations where analogue cameras could most successfully monitor not only emissions but alsochimneys, the DM water plant, perimeters and EDP area.

Since the cameras span a wide area special consideration was given to installation of cables and the selection of peripherals in order to ensure optimum efficiency. The safety and durability of cables, for instance, was ensured by passing them through PVC conduits, which also minimised the level of ongoing maintenance work required.

To enhance protection against exposure to harsh, arid weather common to the region, high quality switches and RJ 45 connectors were installed. All connections were properly sealed and secured to keep dust and moisture out of vital connections.

After analysing locations and system requirements, and discussing with power plant management, the team decided to deploy HDCVI solutions because of their suitability to upgrading analogue solutions needs to be upgraded for HD video quality.

The other big advantage of HDCVI technology is loss free signal transmission over long distances as far as 500 feet. The cables can carry audio and video signals on the sane cable, which saves infrastructure cost substantially. With HDCVI, operation and maintenance costs are quite favorable.

The CP PLUS team selected following cameras:

CP-UVC-T1100R5: Image Sensor: 1/2.9″ One Megapixel HQIS Pro with shutter speed: 1/50s~1/100,000s, Lens: 8mm, Video Streaming: Main Stream: 720P(1 ~ 25/30fps), Extra Stream: D1/CIF(1 ~ 25/30fps), IR: Array Range of 50 Mtr, with IP66 (waterproof)

CP PLUS UVR-0801G1: HDCVI DVR, H.264 dual-stream video compression, supports up to eight cameras with 1080p real-time preview, mobile phone accessibility with CMOB and CMS with KVMS software.       

The DVR supports H.264 and works with the CP PLUS centralised management software, KVMS, which gives users the option of accessing live or recorded video from a remote location via a PC or mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

The HDCVI video surveillance solution is said to be working well so far, with the client reportedly satisfied with active monitoring, reporting of access violations and video quality, among other features. The new system has enhanced situational surveillance and ensured process compliance.



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