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February 1, 2011


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CCTV Center and FLIR Systems deliver successful thermal imaging seminar

Attendees included key security consultants and a range of leading multi-national, national and independent security integrators.

A short presentation was followed by extensive, hands-on product demonstrations, with the focus of the seminar being on where, when and how to use thermal imaging as part of a network-based security application.

Thermal imaging technology is widely recognised as an effective perimeter and early intruder detection tool.

However, the seminar also focused on the “additional benefits of using thermal imaging”.

These included its use in 24/7 surveillance, not just at night-time; impressive distance detection in excess of 1000m; glare and contrast immunity with thermal cameras being impervious to dazzle; no CCTV lighting being required to produce images, reducing lighting, product and power consumption costs; and lastly Health and Safety management, detecting people in smoke-filled environments and total darkness where CCTV is ineffective.

CCTV Center and FLIR experts were available to answer questions and NavTech Radar also demonstrated how a person could be tracked automatically with a thermal PTZ camera using radar technology.

Tim Cocks, head of CCTV Center’s Thermal Imaging Division, said: “Thermal imaging is becoming an affordable, early intruder detection tool, enhancing CCTV system applications.

“We initially saw it used in critical-infrastructure projects with large security budgets, but now see it being used in price-sensitive industrial and commercial applications.”

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