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August 19, 2019


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Benchmark Magazine Innovation Awards 2019: winners announced

Benchmark Magazine has revealed the winners of the 2019 edition of its Innovation Awards.

The publication rigorously tests hardware and software under a range of conditions to see how it meets the needs of today’s security teams.

The publication writes that: “We passionately believe that the future of the electronic security sector lies in the creation of innovative and smart solutions. In order to allow installers and integrators to create such solutions, it is vital that manufacturers deliver innovation that both enhances the technological capabilities of their products, and allows those developments to be implemented in a realistic fashion. In order to highlight such advances, Benchmark runs its Innovation Awards scheme, which recognises and rewards innovative thinking.”

Read the full verdicts from Benchmark Magazine. We revealed the finalists back in May.

Video Surveillance (Hardware) Winner: FLIR Saros

FLIR says: The FLIR Saros™ DH-390 Dome combines multiple traditional perimeter protection technologies into a unified solution that delivers accurate, actionable alerts and verified alarm data. The Saros DH-390 includes multiple FLIR Lepton thermal sensors, a 1080p camera, IR and visible LED illuminators, advanced onboard analytics, two-way audio, and digital I/Os. FLIR Saros enables businesses to implement reliable, state-of-the-art outdoor intrusion detection in a cost-effective manner by minimizing the equipment required and reducing false alarms.

Benchmark Magazine verdict: FLIR has ensured its Saros range incorporates secure design and engineering to reduce the risk of remote security attacks. Saros delivers a range of complementary benefits while ensuring installations are simple and cost-effective.


Video Surveillance (Software) Winner: IPS VideoManager 3D VMS

IPS says: IPS VideoManager 3D Video Management System (3D VMS) is an IP-based platform for georeferencing, multi-server video surveillance systems with the latest 3DVideo Technology. It supports an unlimited number of cameras and clients. Furthermore, it offers a wide array of interesting add-on modules.

Benchmark Magazine verdict: The most impressive function is alarm-based object tracking with handover. This responds to IVA alerts, initiating automatic control of a PTZ camera in response to an event from an overview camera.



Access Control (Hardware) Winner: PACOM 8003

PACOM says: Intelligent IP-enabled hybrid controller that provides flexible intrusion detection and access control for up to eight doors. The IP capability means there is a reduced need for traditional security cabling which ensures convenient deployment and extensive scalability. Supports up to 8 doors, each with an IN reader and OUT reader – satisfying the needs of environments where users may want anti-passback. Up to 8 configurable 5-state inputs and 8 outputs comprising 2 relays and 6 open collectors. Inputs can be expanded up to 96 and outputs can be expanded to up to 40 via the addition of on-board expansion modules and/or remote I/O devices. Standalone for smaller or remote environments or easily incorporated as part of a fully integrated alarm and access control system for larger buildings or multi-site applications. Can be conveniently installed in any location rated for a 3U rack mount device.

Benchmark Magazine verdict: Suited to a wide range of applications […] easy to configure, as it can be remotely programmed and adjusted using the corporate Ethernet network […] this enhances system management, but also reduces the need for dedicated security cabling.

Access Control (Software) Winner: Vanderbilt ACT Enterprise

Vanderbilt says: Access Control should not be difficult or time-consuming to install and use, and this is the simple thinking ACT was developed around. ACT is simple to install and maintain, regardless of your access control experience. Fast to install, and more straightforward to set-up and quote, ACT removes the complexity from access control and allows you to get more done, more easily, and in less time. ACT Enterprise is the role-based access control software suite for ACTpro hardware and streamlines the installation, management and monitoring of the ACTpro access control system.

Benchmark Magazine verdict: All the features required from an advanced access control system […] a high degree of flexibility for engineers […] integrates seamlessly with the company’s SPC intrusion system […] versatile alarm management functions.

Site Protection (Hardware) Winner: OPTEX Bridge powered by CHeKT

OPTEX says: OPTEX, the global leader in outdoor detection innovation, has partnered with CHeKT to offer the security industry’s first affordable, scalable interior and exterior visual monitoring solution. As an installer, designing systems with outdoor detection allows you to provide proactive, rather than reactive, security systems. Outdoor detection with visual verification allows a central station to dispatch police when needed and provide your customer with a priority response. Installing systems with this type of detection and service provides a much higher level of service that will differentiate you from your competition. Let us show you how to design exterior security systems that will help you grow your business and more importantly, your RMR.

Benchmark Magazine verdict: Allows any professional intruder alarm panel to be upgraded to deliver monitored visual verification, quickly and cost-effectively.

Site Protection (Software) Winner: Texecom Cloud

Texecom says: Texecom Cloud is part of Texecom’s commitment to developing digital services that add value to intruder alarms – and that means we’re developing digital services that add value across all the different aspects of using, designing, supplying and maintaining intruder alarm systems. It allows installation companies to manage, maintain, configure and control their entire alarm system portfolio. Texecom Cloud is a web-based portal accessible on any internet connected device. It allows installation companies to manage multiple alarm systems all from one simple user interface. So Texecom Cloud offers two things primarily: it saves installation companies money by allowing them to be more efficient, and it allows installation companies to add value to their customers in a number of ways.

Benchmark Magazine verdict: Remote maintenance reduces the reliance on site visits, saving the installation company time and money while adding value for the end user […] Installers can monitor their entire portfolio of alarm systems, providing peace of mind and identifying any issues that may otherwise go undetected.

Intelligent Systems Winner: Avigilon AI Appliance

Avigilon says: Adds patented self-learning video analytics and Avigilon Appearance Search™ technology to nearly any IP camera. When connected to Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software, customers can evolve legacy camera systems into powerful AI solutions — with automatic alerts of potentially critical events and the ability to search for and locate a person or vehicle of interest across an entire site. Engineered for high performance, capacity and resiliency, the AI Appliance will be offered in two models and features leading CPU and GPU hardware that simultaneously support Avigilon video analytics and Appearance Search technology.

Benchmark Magazine verdict: Sorts through hours of video with ease, to quickly locate a specific person or vehicle of interest across an entire site or multiple sites […] the power of Avigilon Appearance Search is opened up to a wider audience, including sites with significant investments in legacy edge devices.

Business Intelligence Winner: SAST IoT Platform

SAST says: SAST stands for Security and Safety Things. Because safety and security are our highest priorities. We believe we can enhance both — for people and for businesses, all around the world. How? With our revolutionary open IoT platform for security cameras. Starting in 2019, SAST will enable seamless management of networked cameras — by unleashing a new generation of AI-based security apps. With the SAST ecosystem, our aim is nothing less than creating a global industry standard. We’re developing an open operating system. Building an app store. In other words, whatever it takes. Because we are dedicated to improving security — while maintaining strict data protection.

Benchmark Magazine verdict: SAST’s global platform has been created to harness the potential available from the emerging wave of innovative IP-connected security cameras.

Infrastructure Winner: Seagate SkyHawk AI HDD

Seagate says: AI demands an entirely new dimension of surveillance storage—far beyond simply supporting standard video streams. Enter SkyHawk AI. The first drive of its kind, SkyHawk AI is custom-engineered to meet the unprecedented workload performance and reliability requirements of AI-enabled surveillance NVR environments. The drive supports up to 550TB per year workload rate, which is up to 3 times the workload of standard surveillance hard drives. Optimized for machine learning and deep learning applications, SkyHawk AI offers support to 50/50 write and read workloads, up to 64 HD video surveillance streams, and up to 16 AI streams.

Benchmark Magazine verdict: SkyHawk Health Management actively protects surveillance storage by focusing on prevention, intervention and recovery options. These include RAID RapidRebuild, which provides faster volume rebuilds. Data protection is also provided, as an optional two-year Rescue Data Recovery Services plan can be added.

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