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March 22, 2022

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IFSEC 2022

CLD Fencing to underline value of third-party certified perimeter protection solutions at IFSEC 2022

We speak with the team at CLD Fencing to understand some of the major trends they’ve seen in perimeter protection in the last couple of years, and what visitors can expect to see from the company at IFSEC in May – including a host of new third-party certified perimeter protection solutions!  

IFSEC Global (IG): What are the major trends you’ve seen in security fencing and perimeter protection in the past year or two?

CLD Fencing (CLD): In recent years the UK has seen an increase in terror attacks happening in publicly accessible locations. The Martyn’s Law campaign has been championing the introduction of protective security by owners and operators of these public spaces. According to the Government’s Protect Duty consultation, an important part is seeing security as a system; a combination of both physical and behavioural interventions, deployed to mitigate threats and attacks.

This is a huge step forward for security and the counter-terrorism efforts, but implementing these security measures can also similarly have broader advantages by reducing other crimes in the process like vandalism, arson and theft. It’s so important for the security industry to evolve with changing threat levels and attackers, and I think it’s an encouraging security trend emerging.

IG: Specification of the most appropriate fencing system is obviously crucial to efficient protection, but how important is the correct installation of the system? What would your advice be to contractors?

CLD: The correct installation of any fencing system is crucial to meeting the needs of any project. You can have the best, high quality, high security fencing solution, but if incorrectly installed it may not hold up against attacks or the timing of delay could be way off. Fencing systems need to be installed properly otherwise the job it’s intended to do may not work.

Also, many people don’t realise that if you have a security rated system from either LPS 1175 or Secured by Design certification, if it’s a poor install and doesn’t meet requirements then the security rating may not be authorised on site.  

IG: You’re back at IFSEC this year in May – what are you most looking forward to about the show?

CLD: The past couple of years have been a difficult time for many of us and for businesses, not being able to meet face to face with their customers has been a challenge. We revel in attending these types of events and so this year we’re very much looking forward to being able to chat with familiar faces and meet with new potential clients, customers and contractors that may not have heard of CLD and what we do.

There is nothing like being able to go into detail with someone about security issues or a specific product in person, gaining a better understanding of and being able to solve their particular problem. That’s why we’re looking forward to IFSEC, it’s been a long time, and it’ll feel great to return.

IG: And any products or solutions in particular that visitors should come and find out more about this year?

CLD: Since the last IFSEC event we attended, we’ve launched a number of new products that visitors to the event should come and find out more about! From our S1 security rated swing gate with 4 different mesh infills available to our S2 and S3 automatic gates that offer automation at an affordable price. From our playsafe railings with self raking and a vartiety of tops to our brand new Securus S4 fencing system launched just this March. This new system is security tested to BRE’s LPS 1175 D10 rating, offering a 10 minute delay against attack.

Just look out for our CLD stand to chat to one our experts who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also check out our live testing demos on the LPCB Attack Testing Zone.

IG: You’ll also be part of the LPCB Attack Testing Zone schedule at IFSEC – what do you value about being involved in the feature? And why do you place so much value on getting your products accredited by an independent third-party certification body like BRE?

CLD: It’s great to be apart of the LPCB Attack Testing Zone again. We value being involved, because it really brings to life just how robust the testing is to achieve security accreditations. I think it’s also worth mentioning the fantastic efforts put in by the LPCB team, who work with us to support innovation in the industry.

We value third-party certification like BRE, because of its independence. There is no bias, it’s just high quality testers assessing high quality products in order for our end clients to have the best solution they could possibly look for. We also value BRE’s LPCB because, once approved, our products are automatically put into RedBook Live which is an invaluable resource for specifiers. This makes it easier to choose the right product for a project, ensuring the correct level of security is achieved.

Visitors to IFSEC 2022 can find CLD Fencing on stand IF5440, taking place between 17-19 May at London’s ExCeL. Find out more about the LPCB Attack Testing Zone, here. 


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