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December 2, 2020

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Retail security

CLD Fencing helps protect US retail sector during election season

CLD Fencing Systems has been busy protecting the American retail sector – which includes the first deployment of the SBD accredited FenceSafe SR1 – during a challenging election season.

Where difference of opinion exists so often does the ability for civil unrest to raise its head. Often this conflict breaks out into civil unrest, with a small percentage of the population using the opportunity to loot stores, causing not only millions of dollars of damage to the stores but also the loss of stock and closure of the business and associated lost income.

CLD-RetailNewYork-20Several companies across New York City and Washington D.C looked to protect their property and staff in the event that civil unrest took hold during one of the most disputed election campaigns in recent history.

Due to the nature of civil unrest and the ability of it to erupt with very little notice, these companies wanted to plan and deploy a different range of solutions. Many of New York’s high-end Fifth Avenue stores opted to board up the store and any access routes, however, one iconic store on Fifth Avenue decided to opt for a solution never seen before in the USA – the deployment of almost 1000ft of FenceSafe SR1 overnight around the store, courtesy of the JGW Group, the USA arm of CLD Fencing Systems.

Being the first time the temporary security system, with a “guaranteed delay against manual forced attack”, was seen it generated both local and national coverage. The system is the only LPS 1175 Security Tested and Rated temporary fencing system in the world, highlights the manufacturer. Designed to give a minimum delay against attack with tools such as wire cutters, screwdrivers and hammers it is free standing so does not require any damage to the ground.

Stewart Plant, Director of Marketing at CLD Fencing, said: “Whilst the results of the Presidential Election remained uncertain, one thing is for certain; FenceSafe SR1 continued to protect the American retail sector for as long as it was needed.”

FenceSafe SR1 has been certified by the Secured by Design scheme (SBD). SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK.

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