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June 20, 2022


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Motorola Solutions acquires national digital radio service provider TETRA Ireland Communications and video analytics firm Calipsa

Motorola Solutions has announced it has acquired TETRA Ireland Communications Limited, the provider of Ireland’s National Digital Radio Service (NDRS).

TETRA Ireland delivers mission-critical voice and data land mobile radio (LMR) communications to thousands of first responders and frontline workers from national security and enforcement agencies, health and emergency services, state utilities and volunteer organisations across the country. The network is based on the latest TETRA digital radio technology from Motorola Solutions.

“Delivering, managing and operating critical LMR networks is foundational to what we do,” said Greg Brown, Chairman & CEO, Motorola Solutions. “As a trusted technology partner in Ireland for over 40 years, we look forward to continuing to provide the interoperable mission-critical communications that Ireland’s emergency and public service agencies rely on every day.”

The investment in TETRA Ireland demonstrates Motorola Solutions’ commitment to growing its worldwide Managed & Support Services business, the company says. Motorola owns and operates networks and security operations centres around the globe, supporting customers to work more productively and safely across a wide range of industries including public safety, mining, oil and gas and public transportation.

Motorola Solutions also recently announced it has acquired Calipsa, a technology provider in cloud-native advanced video analytics based in London.

Calipsa’s scalable platform is said to enable businesses to optimise security with AI-powered analytics that verify alarms, enable content-based searches, detect tampering and assess the health of cameras in real time. The solution is relied upon by enterprise and security monitoring customers around the world.

Its cloud-based technology allows customers to add AI to existing IP-based cameras without additional hardware.

“We believe AI, spanning from the edge to the cloud, is driving the future of video security,” added Brown. “With Calipsa, we can rapidly extend our intelligent analytics across any video security solution and support the accelerating trend of enterprises using cloud technologies to enhance safety and security.”


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