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August 18, 2020

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Whitepaper: Boosting efficiency and streamlining security with an integrated access control solution

Product News

Security product round-up: August 2020

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market in July.


ATG Access

StronGuard Beam

Described as a streamlined perimeter security system, the StronGuard Beam is now available from ATG Access to help protect critical national infrastructure sites from vehicle ramming attacks and forced entry attempts. The new system combines an impact-tested Bristorm Beam with a Barkers Fencing StronGuard palisade fence or SecureGuard SL2 mesh system, and is said to be the “first of its kind” to be impact and forced entry tested.

Ideal for locations where space is at a premium but maximum security is required, the product held up to an IWA 14 impact test from a 7,200kg vehicle travelling at 50mph, while the fencing component has been forced entry tested by LPCB, ASTM and CPNI.



TiOC range

TiOC (Three-in-One Camera) is an automated monitoring and surveillance solution from Dahua Technology, offering 24/7 full-colour monitoring, active deterrence and AI in one solution. With false alarm rates of less than 2%, an improved search function and built-in AI coding reducing disk storage space by 90%, TiOC can significantly improve the efficiency of CCTV systems, believes the company.

The manufacturer’s Full-Colour technology solution is said to increase the quality of video evidence considerably, while AI functions offer more accurate motion detection and tracking, as well as filtering out false alarms such as animals and car headlights. The active deterrence function comprises a red and blue light, including an enhanced speaker. Cameras in the range provide 5MP or 2MP resolution, with 8MP available soon, housing a large aperture (F1.0) lens, illumination functionality and built-in speakers and microphone.




Fireco has released Germgard, a smart sanitiser combined with digital signage, which has been designed to promote awareness of the importance of hand sanitisation to all building users.

The release adds to Fireco current offering of hold-open devices, which can reduce the need to touch door handles. Germgard is a smart sanitising system which monitors people passing through your chosen doorways. A screen indicates detection and a message is shown, requesting that the user sanitises their hands using the installed dispenser. It can be combined with a range of door systems so that the use of hand sanitiser is a requirement before gaining entry.

Germgard can be used as a stand-alone system or it can be integrated with electronic door locks, automatic doors, and access control systems. The business is currently offering a promotional offer for readers – just call the Fireco team (01273 320650) before the 30th September and quote: ‘Introductory Installation’.


Inner Range

2N integration

Inner Range has announced a new integration option for customers via intercom specialists 2N. Integriti can now integrate with 2N’s IP-based intercom systems to allow for “secure and comfortable communication”, assures both vendors.

Tim Northwood, General Manager at Inner Range, said: “Like Inner Range, 2N designs and manufactures its own products, taking the time and many rounds of testing to get things right before releasing systems to the market. As a result, we are confident 2N intercoms will be a reliable and useful addition for our customers in the UK and across the world.”

Michal Kratochvil, Chief Executive at 2N, said: “Inner Range and 2N are natural partners, and not just because both companies have such extensive experience in security access control systems and a global footprint. We also share the same commitment to innovation through ongoing investment in R&D, and have built our companies through the same focus on customers. We see alliances like this as vital to maintaining 2N’s status as an innovation leader in the residential and commercial markets.”


Hanwha Techwin

Social distance measuring application

Designed to help businesses operate safely in a COVID-19 affected world, Hanwha Techwin has launched its AI deep learning-based video analytics social distance measuring application.

Developed by technology partner, A.I Tech, the server-based application is able to measure the distance between people in a camera’s field of view and will generate an alarm if social distancing rules are not being complied with. Users can also be alerted if the number of people within an area exceeds a specified threshold, and is said to be equally effective in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The application has been integrated with Wisenet WAVE Video Management Software (VMS), with users having the option to use web-based AI Tech dashboard to collect, aggregate, view and act on alarms and events from multiple camera streams. The data can also be visualised through charts, tables and images, whilst data is easily exported through .csv, .jpeg or .pdf and integrated into third-party systems.




Traka Automotive has expanded its product portfolio by launching TrakaMEC, a mechanical key management range. Designed to meet the needs of businesses that are not yet requiring fully networked and integrated electronic key management systems, the latest addition is said to be highly secure.

It is available in two systems; TrakaMEC Supreme as tested to LPS1175 and EN14450 standards, and TrakaMEC Lite for a simpler and more low cost solution. Supreme has been built with Union Assa Abloy components including force resistant, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-saw BS 5-lever mortice deadlocks.

Paul Smith, Director Traka Automative, says: “TrakaMEC has been launched as a cost effective solution to help those aspiring to move to an electronic system as they grow in this new working environment… With the launch into mechanical, we’re making the upgrade path very easy and attractively-priced for dealerships to advance at their own pace.”



Analytics for AXIS Deep Learning Camera

BriefCam has announced future availability for BriefCam Video Content Analytics on Axis cameras with built-in deep learning processing units.

Through the Axis Application Development Partner Program, BriefCam will leverage the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) to enable comprehensive analytics directly on Axis Communications’ upgraded camera series.

The first camera to support BriefCam video content analytics is the AXIS Q1615 Mk III featuring a dual chipset, ARTPEC-7, and a deep-learning processing unit (DLPU). By enabling BriefCam analytics on the edge, along with post processing and management capabilities, users are said to experience real-time processing, with reduced costs and complexity, as well as reduced storage and bandwidth requirements.

According to Omdia’s Video Surveillance & Analytics Intelligence Service, published in July 2020, the key trend that will be shaping the embedded market for video analytics is the ability to process basic deep learning analytics on the edge. Due to the increasing amount of data and increasing quality of the images, Omdia expects that compute power will continually move to the edge.

The BriefCam edge analytic initiative is underway with availability targeted for H1 2021.


Hanwha Techwin

Wisenet7 chipset

Set to be the company’s most powerful chipset to date and offering highly advanced cyber security functionality, Hanwha Techwin has unveiled its Wisenet7 chipset for IP network video surveillance solutions.

Alongside “major advances in the delivery of clear, sharp images”, which include a new Wide Dynamic Range feature, the company has particularly highlighted its cyber security credentials. The list of technologies related to these credentials include Secure Boot Verification, Secure OS, Anti-Hardware Clone, Secure JTAG and Secure UART, all designed to prevent cameras from being hacked and targeted remotely. Complying with UL CAP and Secure by Default standards, Wisenet cameras which are powered by Wisenet7, also benefit from a Hanwha Techwin proprietary device certificate issuing system which embeds unique certificates into Wisenet products during both the development phase and manufacturing process.

Additional features include a video analytics suite which includes face and body detection, audio analytics, digital image stabilisation, compression technology that controls encoding (Wisestream II) and additions to the on-screen display.


LenelS2 and FLIR Systems

Partnership to support safe workspaces

LenelS2 and FLIR Systems have announced a strategic collaboration, designed to deliver an integrated thermal screening and access control solution to support healthy, safe workspaces. The agreement will integrate select FLIR thermal cameras with LenelS2’s OnGuard access control system to support reopening efforts and assist in the slowing of the spread of COVID-19, says the two companies.

FLIR designed the A500-EST and A700-EST as non-contact screening tools. Through onboard edge-computing with advanced measurement tools or when combined with customised elevated skin temperature screening software, the cameras are said to provide rapid, frictionless screening stations that communicate with the OnGuard system to automatically process and apply customisable access control parameters.


Quanika and Axis Communications

Integration options for security projects

Quanika has joined the Axis Communications’ Application Development Partner (ADP) programme. This partnership will make it easier for consultants and systems integrators to use Axis Communications network video, access control, and audio hardware, on projects of all sizes, as part of a seamless security management platform, believes the two companies.

Quanika provides end-to-end solutions for a wide range of applications, from small and medium scale projects up to enterprise level installations. Quanika Compact and Enterprise access control software primarily benefits users looking to leverage the power of Axis Communications’ AXIS A1001 and A1601 Door Controllers for unlimited doors and users, and to integrate AXIS Camera Station as well as Milestone video management software (VMS).




In today’s landscape where reduced touch-points and low operating costs are increasingly important, Mul-T-Lock is offering a tailored access control solution to all hotel, holiday park and short-break property owners.

SMARTair is described as a modular and fully scalable access control system that offers an intelligent, yet simple, step up from keys. For hotels and home rental properties in particular, the product can replace inconvenient keys with a wireless locking system operated by smartcards and smartphones when used in conjunction with the company’s Openow app.

The access control solution is also designed to reduce the need for manned receptions and touchscreens by putting the onus of checking in “right in guests’ hands”, with security still being closely monitored and operated by system managers. Lost cards can be cancelled and replacement cards reprogrammed for increased guest security. The system also requires no hardwiring.


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