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June 18, 2020

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Contact tracing and COVID-19 director’s briefing

Security products round-up: June 2020

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market in June.


Hanwha Techwin

Occupancy monitoring solution

Hanwha Techwin’s licence-free Occupancy Monitoring application is said to provide retailers, places of worship and museums, as well as leisure facilities, pubs, clubs and restaurants, with accurate data on the number of customers on their premises at any particular time.

Compatible with the recently introduced Wisenet P Series AI cameras, the edge-based Occupancy Monitoring application simultaneously counts the number of people entering or leaving a building. When the maximum permitted number of people has been reached, the application generates alarm outputs to control automatic doors or a traffic beacon, as well as ‘wait’ or ‘enter’ messages which can be displayed on a monitor.

The application is a serverless solution to support integrators, while deep learning AI in the company’s cameras allows the application to accurately count occupancy, even from wall mounted positions.


Master Lock

Bluetooth Smart Key Lock Box

Designed to allow users safe and convenient access to keys via a smart phone, Master Lock has introduced its

Portable Bluetooth Select Access Smart Key Lock Box. The key and card storage device is portable for flexibility, and users are able to open and manage the Lock Box via their smartphone, with the company’s Vault Home app. The key safe is said to incorporate high-level military encryption, as well as a zinc outer shell for outdoor use and resistance to physical attacks.

Temporary or permanent codes can be shared with 15 guests in one batch, and the overall number of contacts is unlimited. Users can grant access to their keys remotely and in real time; as well as set up for future access, as well as monitor who visits, when and for how long with live notifications as well as a history of accesses to the key safe. A warning will also be shared should there be any unauthorised attempt to gain access making the user fully in control.




Hikvision has launched Hik-ProConnect, a convergent, cloud-based security service solution. Users can converge Hikvision devices to cover video, intrusion, access control, intercom, and more to address security needs. Users can also authorise their professional security advisors to complete necessary system management, such as remote system health checks and maintenance, highlights the company.

As a cloud-based system, Hikvision believes this will help to reduce upfront investment costs, while the programme will receive continuous remote support from the manufacturer. It can also be used to integrate myriad devices to improve overall security, and is accessible from mobile.

Find out more, here.  



Touchless Check-in

Designed to provide organisations with a contactless check-in solution as employees and visitors return to work around the world, Proxyclick has launched its ‘Touchless Check-in’ product. The company believes it will support enterprises perform sufficient due diligence to mitigate liability risks, while single sign-on authentication can be utilised for larger businesses to implement more quickly.

Features include:

  • Screening: Visitors can be screened via the remote registration portal. Physical check-ins happen with a unique QR code assigned to each visitor once they’ve passed the screening process.
  • Security: Fully integrated with all Proxyclick security features, including access control integration
  • Compliance: Data retention periods can be automated for any visitor information collected during the screening process

Find out more about Touchless Check-in from Proxyclick.


Hanwha Techwin

Wisenet PoE Extender Cameras

Hanwha-WisenetPoeExtender-20The new Wisenet PoE extender cameras are designed to save integrators and end users time and money when there is a requirement to install two cameras within 80 metres of each other. For retrofit applications where an additional camera is needed, system integrators need to simply substitute an existing Wisenet camera with a PoE Extender camera, and then re-install it at the new camera location, with both devices being able to share the same cable run.

With the ability to support all PoE cameras within the entire Wisenet range, the new 2 and 5 megapixel PoE Extender indoor and outdoor dome cameras are said to provide an equally cost effective solution for new installations, as they reduce the number of  network ports and switches, as well as the amount of cabling, required. System integrators also have the option to connect other PoE enabled devices to the Wisenet PoE extender cameras, such as a supplementary lighting unit, I/O controller or PIR sensor.

Part of the Wisenet X Plus Series, the four dome cameras all have built-in IR LEDs which illuminate objects up to 50m from the camera and feature Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS), Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology and a range of video analytics software pre-installed.

Find out more about the Wisenet PoE Extender Cameras.


HID Global

WorkforceID Cloud Platform

Said to “bring a new level of convenience to administrators and users”, HID Global has announced its new WorkforceID platform. The ISO27001-certified identity cloud service platform utilises capabilities from the enterprise-grade HID SAFE physical identity access and visitor management software, and combines them with deep customer insights from over 250 organisations around the world.

The platform enables businesses to unify, automate and simplify identity issuance and management at a single facility or across any number of distributed office or remote work locations. Its first two available services are employee ID badging and visitor management:

  • HID WorkforceID Credential Manager and ID Badge Issuance: Automates badging across the identity lifecycle including cloud-based onboarding, card printing and offboarding. Administrators know the details of all active credentials, at any location.
  • HID WorkforceID Visitor Manager: Improves the visitor experience through reduced wait times and the ability to use self-service badging kiosks. Administrators can customize the visitor experience and security measures while benefitting from automated policy compliance.

Find out more about WorkforceID.  


Real Time Networks

RealTimeNetworks-ThermalScreening-20Temperature screening and access control solution

Real Time Networks has introduced an enterprise grade no-contact body temperature screening solution. The solution offers a variety of integration options to extend the functionality beyond just temperature checks, including access control systems, strobe lights and alarms, label printers, visitor management application, amongst others.

The new solution is designed to help the ‘return to work’ process, by safely screening employees and visitors for high temperature as they enter the workplace. It can prevent access to buildings, areas or systems, and trigger an alarm if an elevated body temperature is detected. The system can also detect if a protective mask if being worn and works with a no-contact biometric reader to authenticate employees.

Find out more from Real Time Networks.


Automatic Systems

Temperature monitoring solutions

As a proactive response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Automatic Systems has unveiled its Temperature Monitoring Integrated Solutions. Developed for the company’s pedestrian products, the system can detect if an individual seeking access is wearing a face mask and also verifies their body temperature while in motion.

Equipped with the COVID-19 software predisposition option, Automatic Systems’ pedestrian gates are able to deliver an automated process to help preserve social distances and ensure that public health requirements are respected. Access is granted only to authorised people when used in conjunction with the facility’s access control system. When indicated for pre-identification authorisation, however, the system can monitor for mask and body temperature detection without the need for credentials. Access will be granted if these COVID-19 requirements are met, assures the organisation.

The integrated solutions can provide a visual display of the access result as well as audible and/or visual alarms when needed, while they also have the ability to ‘people count’, allowing facilities staff to control occupancy levels.

Find out more from Automatic Systems.

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