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November 26, 2020

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Product News

Security products round-up – November 2020

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market in November.


Verizon collaboration

BriefCam advanced video analytics software platform will serve as the analytics engine for Verizon’s Intelligent Video solution. The monitoring service from Verizon helps law enforcement and security teams keep public and private facilities secure with near real-time, actionable data from video content.

The combined solution is said to enhance the ability for these organisations to protect lives and property. This includes critical infrastructure from dams and power plants to oil refineries and transportation systems. The full solution leveraging BriefCam provides advanced video analytics, including near real-time and forensic video analysis, and trends in data through dashboard visualization, enabling “rapid acceleration of video investigations”. This can also be carried out remotely from a single interface.

Find out more about Verizon Intelligent Video, leveraging BriefCam.



PD 6662:2017 compliance

The company has released its OS Malevich 2.10 update against false alarms, with its alarms now becoming compliant with the PD 6662:2017 standard, providing the world’s best practices in countering false alarms. The update brought several new functions, including:

  • Alarm confirmation
  • System restoration after alarms
  • Two-stage arming
  • Selective system integrity check
  • Devices auto deactivation
  • Alarm transmission delay when disarming

The company believes that  compliance with PD 6662:2017 is a major milestone for Ajax Systems in the UK, opening the commercial market to the technology available within Ajax hub, but also demonstrating the company’s ability to respond to local market requirements.


Axis Communications

AI-based object detection and classification

Axis Communications is set to launch AXIS Object Analytics. This intelligent video analytics application offers detection and classification of humans and vehicles tailored to the surveillance need. The company says it will be offered pre-installed on compatible Axis network cameras, adding value at no extra cost.

Designed with a straightforward interface, tailored scenarios are easily set up with only a few clicks, explains Axis. Simply select the triggering condition – an object entering an area or crossing a virtual line, and then select which objects trigger alarms – humans, vehicles, or both. The algorithms are said to ensure suppression of common sources of costly false alarms such as swaying vegetation, small moving objects, and fast-moving shadows on the ground.

Key features include:

  • Edge-based video analytics
  • Classifies humans and vehicles
  • Runs multiple scenarios simultaneously
  • Straightforward interface
  • Pre-installed at no extra cost



Mobile operations app

The fully integrated smartphone app from SmartTask is said to streamline mobile patrols, alarm response callouts and Keyholding for security officers and controllers helping demonstrate BS7984 compliance

Designed specifically for UK security services providers in collaboration with the UK security industry, SmartTask Mobile Operations keeps field officers in contact with the control room. The app, which runs on Android and iOS smartphones, delivers automated run-sheets, simplifies the completion of customisable response reports, enables the control room to better manage alarm response calls, and helps prove compliance with BS7984, according to the business. The new mobile application can be fully integrated with other SmartTask modules or act as a standalone solution.

Cara Clarke of City Security, an early adopter of the new solution stated; “SmartTask Mobile Operations enables us to do a whole range of tasks more efficiently – everything now goes through the app. Officers receive their run-sheets on their smartphones via the app, and the control room can see exactly what is happening on the ground in real time.”

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution SmartTask does not require a dedicated IT department to adopt, with regular software updates and support provided remotely.


Hanwha Techwin

Wisenet 5MP Anti-Ligature Corner Mount Camera

The new Wisenet TNV-8010C 5-megapixel corner mount camera has been built to make it impossible for a ligature to be tied around it, as well as very difficult for someone to rip it off a wall, explains the manufacturer, Hanwha Techwin.

Although primarily intended to assist police, prison and mental health institutions in preventing inmates and patients from self-harming within secure room environments, the vandal-resistant and waterproof TNV-8010C also offers a robust solution for other demanding applications, such as the monitoring of activity at ATMs and within lifts.

With a wide field of view and a -7~+7° tilt range, the TNV-8010C features Hallway View which enables the camera to capture 5-megapixel images in a 3:4 aspect ratio and 2-megapixel in a 9:16 aspect ratio, thus enabling users to more effectively monitor tall and narrow spaces, such as corridors. It is also equipped with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology that performs at up to 120dB to produce images in scenes that simultaneously contain very bright and very dark areas.



Pro Series with 4K

Hikvision has unveiled its new Pro Series with 4K. The company’s 4K ColorVu technology is said to resolve the common challenge of only receiving black and white images for night monitoring faced by many security camera users, enabling cameras to produce more accurate, colourful footage.

The newly released cameras offer enriched options to the market in both Turbo HD and Network products, while the vendor has also added varifocal cameras (the DF8T-Z series) to the new Turbo HD Analogue models with ColorVu to create 24/7 colour imaging in all focal lengths.

The newly released ColorVu technology lenses have kept the F1.0 super-aperture design, allowing “four times more light to enter the lens than conventional cameras”, applying its advanced Active Alignment (AA) Technology.

Meanwhile, a new 3D dynamic noise reduction (DNR) algorithm helps the cameras record additional remote details, as well as integrated AcuSense technology enabling users to focus only on events that matter to security. Empowered by deep learning algorithms, the cameras can distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects such as rain, leaves and animals, thereby reducing false alarms.

Find out more about Hikvision ColorVu Technology.



VIGIL video solutions

3xLOGIC is launching its VIGIL suite of video solutions across EMEA. The ecosystem, comprising software and hardware such as cameras, recorders, thermal imagers, people counters, and accessories, is designed to provide a “scalable security solution” for businesses.

The 3xLOGIC ecosystem captures and analyses ‘big data’ elements, combining disparate data sets to support business leaders in optimising their operations and securing their buildings and assets. The video suite additionally integrates with security systems, point of sale systems, alarm management platforms, and cloud-based management systems.

Bill Hobbs, Vice President of Global Sales at 3xLOGIC said: “For over 15 years, 3xLOGIC has been proud to be at the forefront of server and cloud-based technology. The launch of the VIGIL video suite is the next step in this, helping business leaders make data-driven, informed decisions across their supply chains, their sites, their buildings, and people. With VIGIL, leaders don’t just get a single security system, access control, or video management system – they get an ecosystem that’s bespoke to their needs and goals.”

Find out more about VIGIL in 3xLogic’s upcoming webinars.


Marshalls Landscape Protection


Secured by Design (SBD) member company Marshalls Landscape Protection has launched Kirkos, the newest addition to its RhinoGuard protective street furniture range. Consisting of five standard solutions which are designed around a protective bollard centrepiece, bespoke configurations and colour options are available allowing for greater flexibility.
When incorporated with Marshalls’ SBD accredited bollards, Kirkos has the capability of stopping up to a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at up to 50mph, with the SBD bollards are all tested in accordance to the relevant IWA14, PAS 68 or PAS 170 standard. They are available with a range of fixing options, foundation types and materials, from mild steel, stainless steel, Ferrocast and natural stone.

The RhinoGuard Kirkos seating and planter elements can also cover existing schemes to improve the aesthetics of any given space, creating areas where people want to relax and spend time, explains the company.

Find out more about RhinoGuard Kirkos.



Axis Communications

Case Insight

Axis Communications has announced AXIS Case Insight, a hosted digital evidence management system. It allows users to securely collect, manage and share evidence from Axis body worn cameras and other sources to support in effective case management. It is set to be externally launched in Q1 2021.

Designed as a hosted service that is accessible from any web browser, online access enables customers to collaborate and share case information and digital evidence with both internal and external stakeholders. An advanced search engine is featured to enable users to search for specific cases and evidence.

The system is designed to support investigations and preserve the quality of evidence by ensuring the chain of custody. It features a video redaction tool to mask people and objects within a scene, avoiding the need to manually redact content frame-by-frame. Recordings from Axis body worn cameras are automatically transferred onto the system and can be easily collated with other digital evidence associated with an investigation, like PDFs, photos or videos from other sources.


Inner Range

Contact tracing reports

Access control manufacturer Inner Range is offering customers the ability to identify close contacts of anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, or other infectious diseases, by generating detailed reports of where the infected person has been and who else has been near them.

The contact tracing report can be generated and shared, showing which doors an infected user has passed through, how much time they spent in each area, what time they badged a reader and which other users were near them up to 15 minutes before the infected person arrived and 60 minutes after they left the area. However, the report is completely customisable and multiple variations can be saved.

The contact trace report is available via the company’s Integriti system, and can be generated displayed, and saved directly within the software. In addition, Inner Range access systems can provide specific access permissions for each area of a building and include area counting to monitor and limit the number of users in a particular area.

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