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October 21, 2020

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Product News

Security products round-up – October 2020

IFSEC Global takes readers through the latest product launches and updates to hit the security market in October.



TCIV+ Video Intercom

Providing users with a “communication solution for any situation and seamless integration with other security systems”, Zenitel has launched its TCIV+ (Turbine Compact Intercom Video) Station. Users can utilise a combination of HD voice and video, as well as a new chipset, to ensure clear communication – all provided via edge-based technology.

The intercom is said to help extend the limitations of audio, video and acoustic technology and remove noise and bandwidth constraints. The device features a 10W speaker and amplifier, a digital MEMS microphone for public announcements, a wide-angle lens, and a solid aluminum, die-cast frame to protect from tampering. The TCIV+ is also highlighted as cyber secure, meeting IT requirements for mission-critical systems via integrated IEEE 802.1X network access control.

Users can select from four TCIV+ stations with different features and functionalities, to meet the needs of a variety of applications. Additionally, a touchless sensor, available as an accessory, solves the challenges of contactless access amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic believes Zenitel, as it can activate intercom calls by gesture recognition, for example, with the swipe of a hand.

Find out more from Zenitel.



Paxton-InstallerApp-20Net2 thermal integration & installer app

Paxton has updated its Net2 systems software with six new thermal scan integrations, designed to support the monitoring of people’s wellbeing and reduce the risk of infection for staff and visitors. A fever is a common symptom of the virus, though the company notes that a thermal scanning solution should be used in combination with other safety measures, and should not be relied upon alone.

Manufacturers that have currently had their thermal scanning integrations approved to work with Net2 include Dahua Thermal Temperature Station; Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal (Minmoe); ZK Teco SpeedFace Reader; Suprema Facestation 2; FDP- 3000 Thermi-Scan Reader; Genie WIP2FRTMTP.

In addition, the company has also launched an installer app. The tool has been designed as a centralised platform to give installers and system administrators instant access to the information they need to install and manage Paxton products and solutions on the go. The app provides access to the company’s Knowledge Page which consists of up-to-date product specifications, technical documents, installer tips, FAQs, as well as a built in bar code scanner for easy search functionality.



Proximity Detection

Ipsotek has launched a Proximity Detection solution to help businesses monitor adherence to social distancing guidelines enforced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The solution is available as part of Ipsotek’s VISuite AI platform, which is powered by a GPU-enabled, deep learning engine. This supports customised object classification, detection and tracking capabilities, designed to offer a reliable method for accurately determining the distance between moving objects or people in real-time.

The technology works by actively monitoring large networks of cameras and tracking the GPS coordinates of an object or person within the field of view in real-time using a geospatial algorithm. This AI algorithm automatically learns the perspective of the scene and tracks an object’s shape, appearance, colours, speed, and trajectory, meaning it is able to precisely calculate the distance between objects and/or people.

The solution monitors the proximity of both staff and members of the public, and can raise an alarm or alert if social distancing rules are broken.

Find out more from Ipsotek.


HID Global

TechTalks-HIDFargo-20Fargo Inkjet printer

Also unveiled in October’s IFSEC Tech Talks, HID Global has released its HID FARGO INK1000 printer and encoder, a thermal inkjet solution designed to bring secure, personalised credential issuance to entry- and mid-level markets. HID says that this is the “first to offer inkjet technology to the global desktop card printer market”, enabling cost effective, high-quality credentials and eliminating the need for specialised card media.

“Until now, small and medium-sized organization have had very limited options for personalised credential issuance due to high costs and complex maintenance requirements,” said Craig Sandness, Vice President and Managing Director of Secure Issuance with HID Global.

The device eliminates the print ribbons and specialised card media required by alternative direct-to-card (DTC) desktop solutions that use dye sublimation technology. The snap-in cartridges are said to deliver the simplicity and reliability of inkjet printers and contain specially formulated inks for creating fade-resistant images and text that adhere to standard, off-the-shelf polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cards.

Find out all about HID Global’s new Fargo printer in our exclusive Tech Talks video.


Hanwha Techwin

Wisenet X PTZ PLUS Cameras

AI based object tracking, precise PTZ control, improved pre-set accuracy, adaptive IR illumination and enhanced cyber security are just a few of the innovations said to have been built into the new high definition Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras from Hanwha Techwin.

Designed for perimeter protection and large open area applications, the new 2MP, 6MP and 4K Wisenet X PTZ PLUS cameras are able to capture evidence grade images of objects up to a distance of 200 metres regardless of the lighting conditions, with the help of adaptive IR technology which adjusts the angle of the camera’s IR LEDs to match the level of zoom, highlights the manufacturer.

Hanwha’s Wisenet7 chipset (launched in August), which has achieved UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program (UL CAP) certification, enhances the cameras’ cyber security credentials. Meanwhile, the chip’s Wide Dynamic Range feature utilising Local Contrast Enhancement and Scene Analysis technologies helps capture clearer images from scenes containing a challenging mix of bright and dark areas.

An AI auto-tracking feature allows control room operators to efficiently monitor the movement of objects whilst remaining hands-free to control other cameras. The cameras also have a pre-set positioning accuracy of ±0.1˚ and will move within one second to the correct position.



IDIS-MobilePlusApp-20Mobile Plus app

Designed to provide surveillance users with situational awareness on the move, the newly released IDIS Mobile Plus app can support in adapting to the challenges of working more flexibly between home, office, stores, and the control room, explains the company.

Mobile Plus now integrates the company’s IDIS Mobile app with its network and digital recorders, network cameras, and IDIS Solution Suite VMS, for improved and more powerful functionality. It can provide users with remote situational awareness of single and multiple sites.

The app enables up to 4K live streaming on remote mobile devices, with high image quality in H.264/MJPEG and H.265 formats. Recorded footage can be played back in the same high definition that operators and managers are used to from their control rooms or client software.

Find out more about the IDIS Mobile Plus app.


Axis Communications

P8815-2 3D People Counter

Combining 3D imaging software and hardware in one device to provide real-time counting of people passing through a pre-defined area, the Axis P8815-2 People Counter can provide insights into visitor trends that can help businesses optimise their operations.

AXIS P8815-2 uses images delivered by two sensors to generate a 3D depth map that strengthens the people counting accuracy. It is said to be ideal for challenging environments where there are shadows, strong sunlight, glares, or high volumes of foot traffic. It is especially useful in areas with revolving doors or unconventional entrances, while it is also possible to connect two counters for wide entrances. With optional accessories, it can be pendant-mounted or recessed in a ceiling.

AXIS P8815-2 comes with preloaded and pre-calibrated software, so installation is said to be quick and easy.

Find out more about the P8815-2 3D People Counter.



Direct IP CCTV integration

Designed to reduce complexity, improve RMR and lower costs, webeyeCMS now allows for direct IP camera integration with its VSaaS service platform. The “seamless integration” means customers can now view video alarms or live footage from their cameras on the webeyeCMS browser or app within seconds, without the need for an NVR.

Connection takes place via a 4G Router, POE switch, Broadband Router or direct with the 4G camera. Depending on which camera users have, they are also able to have audio challenge and complete control of the PTZ camera, including menu navigation, within the webeyeCMS platform.

The Direct2Camera feature is just one of a range of new products coming from Webeye over the next few months, as the demand for video and visual verification continues to grow, highlights the company.

Find out more about webeyeCMS.


Eagle Eye Networks

Local Display Station

Said to be an ideal solution for live viewing applications such as video walls, spot monitors and security displays, the new Eagle Eye Local Display Station decodes and displays up to 164 live camera streams for display on premise. The video appliance integrates with Eagle Eye’s Cloud Video Management System (VMS), displaying up to 32 cameras on any standard TV display and up to 164 cameras across multiple display pages.

The Eagle Eye Local Display Station is available in two models, the DS100 which supports a single display, and the DS200 which supports two displays. Both models are said to provide ultra-low latency, crisp, clear video, high reliability and customisable layouts which are controlled and managed from the cloud.

Reducing the need for the cost, complexity, and maintenance of a workstation, Eagle Eye Networks believes it is especially useful for public areas or remote locations with less technical support staff.

“The addition of the Eagle Eye Local Display Stations to our product portfolio improves deterrence, detection, and response to incidents, while making the most of security budget dollars,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “It provides customers the benefits of cloud video surveillance and a trouble free local live display.”

Find out more about the Eagle Eye Local Display Station.


Inner Range

Concept systems ‘end of life’

First announced in November 2018, Inner Range is reminding customers with Concept systems that its ‘end of life’ is nearing and that its stock of parts is rapidly depleting, with some items now down to single figures. While it believes many customers have now moved to the Integriti product, the company is urging those who haven’t already migrated to make the move, with replacement parts soon to become obsolete.

Tim Northwood, General Manager at Inner Range, said: “We want to support our customers as much as we possibly can. But the reality is that very soon we won’t have replacement parts available. For some items, we’re already close to stock exhaustion.

“Our technical support will continue to try to assist customers. But there’s a risk we might not be able to supply service replacements in the near future. Ultimately, that could put people and places at risk if their security system isn’t functioning properly. We are now urging any remaining Concept customers to migrate to Integriti, which is easy, efficient and extremely cost-effective, and will secure their system for the long term.”

Inner Range’s Integriti system is compatible with 95% of Concept hardware, so migrating is said to be very straightforward and cost effective.

To migrate your system, you can contact Inner Range on 0845 470 5000 or [email protected]



Facial Recognition

Vivotek has unveiled its latest facial recognition surveillance solution, brought through cooperation with the AI and facial recognition technology pioneer, CyberLink Corp. The enhanced software integration between VIVOTEK’s Video Management Software (VMS), the VAST 2 and CyberLink’s FaceMe Security facial recognition software will enable users to monitor and manage facial recognition results effortlessly for a wide range of security applications, explains the business.

Improved image quality is said to be delivered via a “diverse array of Vivotek’s edge computing network cameras to VMS”, while Vast 2 is designed to offer a smoother installation process due to the centralized interface for camera settings. A series of matched videos filtered by Vast 2 database profiles empower security operators with a seamless facial recognition management experience.

Find out more about Vivotek’s facial recognition solution.


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