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James Moore is the Editor of IFSEC Global, the leading online publication for security and fire news in the industry. James writes, commissions, edits and produces content for IFSEC Global, including articles, breaking news stories and exclusive industry reports. He liaises and speaks with leading industry figures, vendors and associations to ensure security and fire professionals remain abreast of all the latest developments in the sector.
December 16, 2020

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Contact tracing and COVID-19 director’s briefing

IFSEC Global’s most downloaded in 2020

From trend reports to fire safety ebooks, check out our selection of resources that have been the most downloaded in 2020. They’re all free to download, so simply follow the links to get your own copy!  


1) Video Surveillance Report 2020

VideoSurveillanceReport-2020In the Video Surveillance Report 2020, written by IFSEC Global and sponsored by video solution vendor, IDIS, we discuss and analyse several trends from the responses of over 700 security professionals. The uptake of video analytics and AI to provide an all-encompassing security solution continues to grow, while there is a growing movement towards cloud-based storage and analytics solutions. Cyber security also remains a prominent issue for the sector. And, we dedicate a chapter to how COVID-19 has affected the industry

Topics include:

  • Video analytics – the growing uptake and development of the industry and how software benefits security operations.
  • Trends in the use of cloud-based solutions for video surveillance and VSaaS
  • Cyber security and surveillance systems – how concerned are security professionals to potential weaknesses? And where do they see the biggest vulnerabilities?
  • COVID-19 – how has the pandemic impacted upon projects? Does the industry believe video and analytics software has a key role to play in helping to contain the virus?
  • General advice and responses from around the industry

Download the Video Surveillance Report 2020


2) The State of Physical Access Control in EMEA Businesses 2020

TrendReport-PACSHidGlobal-20IFSEC Global has produced its latest trend report on the state of physical access control in EMEA businesses. The report, sponsored and put together in conjunction with access control specialist, HID Global, reveals the thoughts and opinions of security and facility managers and directors throughout EMEA.

Written from the focused responses of over 150 end-users at the front-end of their operations, analysis also comes from experts in the sector at HID Global.

Topics covered include:

  • The current state of physical access control in EMEA businesses
  • Access control upgrade plans: when, what and why?
  • Requirements for future upgrades: challenges and requirements
  • The benefits of upgrading for businesses – what can a more evolved system bring to your security management system?
  • Evolving trends set to shape the physical access control industry: the move to mobile, greater integration and smart buildings

Download The State of Physical Access Control 2020 Report


3) Fire Protection Strategy: A Barbour Director’s Briefing

AMA-ActiveFireProtection-20In this free Director’s Briefing, Barbour EHS provides key information relating to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 in England and Wales, including what is required from the responsible person of a property. Also covered in the Fire Protection and Precautions document is:

  • The main areas of health and safety law relevant to fire precautions
  • Recommendations for employers to ensure fire protection measures are being met
  • Control methods or risk reduction techniques that should be used
  • A case law example of a prosecution under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order by the London Fire Brigade

Download the Fire Protection Strategy Barbour Briefing


4) The Future of Fire Safety eBook

This eBook reveals some of the insights from those seminars and panel debates at Europe’s largest annual fire safety event, with  experts in fire science, fire engineering and fire risk management setting out their priorities for transforming fire safety for the 21st century.


  • Grenfell Inquiry must yield “bedrock change” – and soon
  • After Grenfell: Jonathan O’Neill OBE on how austerity and policy “on the hoof” are hampering progress
  • Hackitt’s Golden Thread: Fire, facilities and building safety
  • Fire safety community has to “get on board” with technological changes

Download The Future of Fire Safety eBook


5) The Intruder Alarm Report 2020

AlarmReport-Main-19In this report, we collaborated with Texecom in an attempt to understand how receptive installers are to new opportunities in intruder alarms brought on by technology, and the potential misgivings they may have about introducing the cloud or IoT to their daily job roles.

Topics covered include:

  • Evolving customer needs: how have they changed in recent years? How can installers match them?
  • Digital services: how useful do installers find apps that work alongside the products they are fitting?
  • Cloud services: are installers ready for it and do they appreciate the benefits, such as remote maintenance?
  • Cyber security: is it more opportunity than threat?

Download the Intruder Alarm Report 2020


6) A Barbour Guide to Business Continuity

Business continuity is considered to be a holistic management process that identifies potential impacts on a business and builds a framework for resilience into processes and procedures. The aim Barbour-BusinessContinuity-20is to have effective safeguards and responses to protect the business in the short, medium and long term.

Understanding the issues that might affect the ability to deliver goods and services to customers and clients on an ongoing basis is vital to effectively plan for and mitigate against potential interruption or worse.

This Business Continuity Guide, from Barbour EHS, includes:

  • Legal Requirements
  • Business Impact Assessment
  • The Business Continuity Plan
  • Key Actions
  • Case studies
  • Further Information and References

Download the Barbour Guide to Business Continuity.


7) A Brief History of Access Control Credentials

HIDGlobal-PACS-Evolution-Ebook-20To better illustrate the importance of upgrading to the latest access control technology, HID Global takes a step back in time to explore the evolution of cards and credentials technologies between the 1980s and the present-day. This free eBook examines the technologies available today and the bright future of access control, as well as clarifying why using out of date access control technology can leave your organisation at risk.

When reading this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • How credential technologies have transformed since the 1980s
  • The bright future associated with mobile access control
  • Why using cheaper credentials with modern readers creates security concerns

Download the Brief History of Access Control Credentials eBook


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