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July 26, 2023


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Town in India becomes a ‘smart city’

A town in Arunachal Pradesh, India, has had multiple security upgrades including AI video analytics and a video management system installed by Videonetics to become a ‘smart city’.

The town is said to be part of the Government of India’s Smart Cities Mission development scheme with a vision of building a ‘well-man- aged clean, green, and environment-friendly city’, aimed to improve public safety and efficient traffic management, according to Videonetics.

Previously, the town was said to have had limited use of CCTV cameras, and therefore, Videonetics believe, the system was not well suited to conduct investigations if an unwanted incident occurred.

Over the past few years, the town has reportedly had a high influx of students, visitors, and tourists, with its infrastructure showing rapid growth. Due to this, Videonetics has said that local authorities looked to address concerns of vigilance, traffic, municipal, assets protection, and safety of the citizens.

Monitoring law and order

The governing body and Videonetics formed to implement a surveillance solution to monitor law and order situations, road safety, identify miscreants, protect public and private properties, and improve urban amenities.

Artificial Intelligence powered video analytics was deployed across various facilities throughout the town, such as:

  • Line crossing detection along perimeters of correctional facilities designed to detect intrusion.  A facial recognition application is used at entry-exit gates aimed to recognise faces in live video streams. ‘Unattended object detection’ use case has also been applied designed to identify objects that can pose a security threat.
  • Fire and smoke detection has been installed at the airport and road intersections across the city said to detect fire and smoke caused by accidents.
  • Crowd formation and estimation has been put to use in public areas like hospitals and VIP hotspots aimed to manage crowds efficiently.
  • In a bid to keep the city clean, Videonetics’ AI is used also used to help detect the overflow of rubbish bins installed at all garbage collection centres. Also, facial recognition is being used to identify citizens, designed to keep track of the timely collection of garbage and identify people violating guidelines.
  • To help protect various government buildings & schools ‘Vandalism and Graffiti Detection’ use cases have been deployed.
  • Designed for a closer analysis of air quality, authorities are using AI-powered video analytics to ‘Detect Polluting vehicles’ in real-time.

Videonetics solution includes its Intelligent Video Management System and its AI-powered video analytics such as Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) System & Face Recognition System (FRS).

The city also deployed network cameras designed to process video streams with the Face Recognition application at city entry-exit points and other public areas. The forensic investigation features of the application also help in a faster search for evidence and identifying suspects during investigations.

Operators in the command & control centre are said to be able to monitor over 180 locations across the town with Videonetics Intelligent VMS using multi-layer GIS maps for a ‘clear view’ of cameras spread across the geography. This covers areas such as government establishments, public areas, airport, railway stations, schools, parks, markets, and roads.

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