Smart City

Digital transformation and the evolution of the network camera

The importance of modern network cameras in supporting digital transformation by improving processes and unlocking new possibilities. Read More

Laser detection challenges camera based analytics for surveillance and people tracking applications

Using light detection and ranging to detect and track people and objects could be the next big thing in situational awareness. Read More

IFSEC Global’s most read in security: 2022 edition

What caught the eye of our readers the most? We explore the most read articles related to the security industry this year. Read More

UK town redevelopment project utilises security solutions to ‘build in’ smart city capabilities

A town-wide regeneration project in Hampshire’s Whitehill & Bordon has implemented a modern security solution for ‘smart city capabilities’. Read More

Whitepaper: Video Analytics Re-imagined – The Impact of Powerful Edge AI

This whitepaper explores drivers behind the rapid adoption of AI-based video analytics & the breadth of use cases for public safety & business intelligence. Read More

Manchester universities collaborate with CriticalArc’s Safezone to develop unified city-wide safety and security initiative

Three Manchester universities have pioneered the UK’s first city-wide safety and response initiative using CriticalArc’s, SafeZone. Read More

New research on CCTV camera prevalence in cities uses Google street view

New research revealing city CCTV camera locations suggests London isn't quite the 'CCTV capital of the world'. So, which cities are ahead? Read More

Programme for IFSEC Connect revealed – Protecting cities and public spaces up next!

Sessions will cover topics such as the future of video surveillance, access and protecting cities, as well as the latest security tech demos! Read More

Smart cities are all well and good, but how can we ensure they are secure?

Gerry Dunphy explores why the benefits that smart cities are heralded to bring will only be worthwhile if the technology involved can be made as secure as possible. Read More

Building 100 Smart Cities in India: The Story So Far

It’s been more than nine months since the newly elected prime minister announced his ambitious plan of building 100 Smart cities across India. So what's happened? Read More

India’s Diamond City Partners with Microsoft to Become a Smart City

Surat, India’s ‘Diamond City’ is preparing to become a smart city, with round the clock electronic surveillance that comprises more […] Read More

IBM partners Lodha Group to build smart city infrastructure

Palava will incorporate IBM's smarter cities technology using advanced, data driven systems to integrate information from all city operations into a single system Read More

Budget 2014: Boosting demand for Electronic Security Products

The Indian IT and Security industry was looking forward to the budget announcement as this will have a direct impact on the demand for many such technologies that are a prerequisite for building Smart infrastructure. Read More

Cisco initiates “Smart City” Project for Digital India

The Cisco Smart City, unveiled along with the announcement of the next phase of the company's India site, symbolizes what the digitization of a country means for the future of work, education, healthcare and the electronic delivery of citizen services. Read More

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