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July 23, 2021

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BSIA shows support of ‘International Security Officers Day’ and celebrates the work of its members

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has been celebrating the work of security officers as part of the ‘International Security Officers’ Day with its social media campaign #IAmAKeyWorker.

Launched in 2020, by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), International Security Officers’ Day is to be held each year on 24 July. For 2021, the BSIA has been sharing pictures of its members’ officers at their workplaces and encouraging companies to do the same as a way of showcasing the people who work on the frontline every day, working tirelessly in ensuring our safety.

The campaign also forms part of the ‘Perceptions’ campaign that the Association, working as part of the Security Commonwealth’s Special Interest Group, will promote and highlight the work of security officers for the critical role they play in society.

Mike Reddington, Chief Executive, BSIA, said: “We are proud to be promoting International Security Officers’ Day for the second year in a row. Every day our officers are on duty ensuring that people, places and property are kept safe and secure, and in doing so can often be perceived as a hidden workforce. We want to highlight not only the vital work that they carry out but also acknowledge and applaud the pride that our officers feel for their jobs and the industry that they represent.

BSIA-InternationalSecurityOfficersDay-21“We hope that this campaign, along with our ongoing Perceptions campaign, goes some way in showcasing our officers as respected, valued, professional service providers contributing to creating a safe and secure environment and acknowledged key workers who are and embedded in our daily lives.”

Find out more about International Security Officers’ Day.

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