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November 2, 2022


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From frontline to CEO: IPSA announces Satia Rai as its new CEO

IFSEC Global hears from the International Professional Security Association (IPSA) as they announce the appointment of their new CEO Satia Rai, previously IPSA’s EDI and Welfare Director, and looks back over former CEO Una Riley’s tenure.

Una Riley, former CEO of IPSA

IPSA has grown from under 50 members into the largest trade association for front-line security professionals in the time between 2020 and 2022, now with over 4500 security officers. The fast growth can be credited to IPSA’s radical approach of offering free membership to front-line workers, and the dedication, support, and passion to truly develop our workforce, that is shared by the IPSA Chair, Simon Pears and now former CEO, Una Riley.

Una has always advocated for the front-line security professional, but her contributions go far further than just that. Her efforts to revolutonise the sector and empower the front-line have been monumental in the last two years during her active role as CEO with IPSA. Amongst her many initiatives, some which stand out for their innovation and reform include the IPSA-NUJ collaboration, which has altered the way the media and security industry interact and engage. It has laid the foundation for an improved and more respectful relationship between journalists and front-line security officers and has initiated a much-needed dialogue between the key stakeholders from both areas. Her work with the APPG to represent the front-line and support the One Punch Awareness initiative will be one that IPSA continues to ambassador and develop further. These are just some of the initiatives that Una has worked towards, contributing to the greater good of the security industry, and society.

As Una’s tenure as the CEO with IPSA comes to an end, at the Annual General Meeting on 26th October 2022, IPSA announced the appointment of Satia Rai as the new CEO. Satia is yet another passionate and inspiring leader who will continue the great work Una has pioneered until now.

Satia Rai, new CEO of IPSA

Satia Rai’s experience and all-round knowledge will be invaluable to IPSA and no doubt enable us to grow and expand our horizons even further. Already, in this last year, she has made an impact on IPSA and all its members as the EDI & Welfare Director, where she launched a Special Interest Group Alliance to make front-line members from all backgrounds and communities feel welcomed and supported. She also spearheaded the largest security inclusivity initiative by encouraging more than 20 security organisations to join the biggest Pride March in London. This was the first time ever that the security industry outwardly supported the LGBTQ+ community on such a platform and to such a scale. Having positively influenced not just IPSA but also the wider sector, Satia is sure to make yet more waves in the revolution that is being led by IPSA.

Una Riley, former CEO of IPSA said, “I am delighted to welcome Satia Rai, as IPSA’s new Chief Executive Officer. Her experience and career on the front line, combined with her dedication and passion towards Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, will undoubtedly enable IPSA to better represent and support all of its members going forward.

“While I step away from the role of CEO, I will remain an active member as an International Ambassador for IPSA and continue to encourage more security organisations and front-line workers all over the globe to join the Association, creating ‘One Voice’ as a united security sector. As I become the first of many International Ambassadors of IPSA, I look forward to this exciting role and witnessing it grow further in the future. This position will be an opportunity for all outgoing Chairs and CEOs of IPSA to continue employing their passion for the front-line and enabling IPSA to reach as many officers as possible.

“IPSA’s plan of continually bringing onboard new, enthusiastic, and motivated individuals like Satia is a key factor in keeping the association relevant to the front-line’s evolving needs. I hope you will join me in wishing Satia all the very best in her new role.”

Simon Pears, Chair of IPSA said, “First of all, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Una Riley. She has been an incredible support to me for last two years, not only as our CEO but also a great friend and counsel. Una has such a genuine desire to promote this fantastic industry and all those that work in it and I am so pleased that this passion and commitment will continue under the drive and determination of Satia Rai. Satia is a great example of the opportunities that exist in this sector, and I have no doubt that with Satia’s drive, we will turbo charge the changes that IPSA champions, which is to ensure the front line are recognised, rewarded and opportunities are created for them all. Satia is living proof of what can be achieved – and this is only the start”.

IPSA’s new CEO followed by saying, “I am delighted to be appointed as CEO for IPSA. It’s a real privilege and honour to serve our front-line professionals, the heartbeat of our industry. Being part of the IPSA board gives me the opportunity to best serve them.”


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