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January 3, 2024


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Generative AI – A paradigm shift in video analytics

Global analyst Omdia has recently published a whitepaper which discusses the ‘paradigm shift’ in video analytics for 2024. Here we look at some of the findings of that whitepaper and you can get hold of the full report, for free, here.

In 2023 ChatGPT by OpenAI has been the hot topic of AI. A Generative AI interface that has gone from a virtual unknown to reportedly surpassing 180 million users through August 2023. Generative AI has emerged as a transformative force not only in text and natural language processing but also in reshaping the landscape of computer vision and multimodal applications. For video surveillance, this means extending beyond traditional security applications to encompass operational efficiency and business intelligence.

A noteworthy advancement in computer vision is the introduction of Vision Transformers (ViTs), which represent a departure from traditional Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). While CNNs have long been the backbone of image processing tasks, ViTs will gain prominence for their ability to capture long-range dependencies.

Given their complementary nature CNNs will still be required. ViTs, with their holistic understanding, can contribute to overall scene comprehension, while CNNs will still play a role in capturing local features and spatial hierarchies.

Beyond the architectural shift, generative AI brings several impactful changes to video surveillance. The intersection of generative AI, ViTs, and CNNs is reshaping video surveillance beyond conventional security applications with advancements in synthetic data generation, reduced development time, enhanced natural language interactions, and heightened accuracy and scene perception. The precision brought about by generative AI reshapes the role of video surveillance beyond traditional security concerns, positioning it as a valuable tool for operational efficiency and comprehensive business intelligence.

For the full chapter on Generative AI, get your copy of Omdia’s report for free here.

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