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June 10, 2020


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Incedo Business access management solution unveiled by Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy details the latest update to the company’s access management portfolio, Incedo Business.

AssaAbloy-Incedo-20The new Incedo Business is designed to connect your security software and hardware within one platform, scale up or down with size and keep your business moving.

People need different access times and entry points, and access and security requirements change day-to-day – so, a static solution is no longer an option. Instead, a single, all-encompassing security platform should deliver connectivity, convenience and simplicity, keeping premises secure and filtering access to manage the movement of people.

Incedo Business is a new solution for all types of premises, handling security while leaving you free to focus on growing your business.

The solution makes life and tasks easier and more efficient for everyone, from installers to end users. Facility managers enjoy more control and flexibility — maximising return on investment, with Incedo Business able to scale quickly when needed. Meanwhile, system administrators can do more within available budgets: initiating, cancelling or amending access profiles, and monitoring movement around their site in real time.

Building users get the individual access times and entry permissions they need, without compromising the security of other people and equipment. Integrators can upgrade connected technologies and systems quickly, minimizing risk and meeting customers’ raised expectations of modern technology. Installers no longer need to wrestle with incompatible systems: easy interoperability is built into Incedo, meaning no more delays or unnecessary complexity.

With Incedo’s modular platform approach, users simply choose the security hardware and credentials you need and the appropriate management system option. You set exactly who can access which doors, and when, from the user-friendly Incedo Business software interface.

Upon launch, users can pick the most suitable options from a growing range of Incedo-enabled security and access control hardware. Road-tested, Assa Abloy wireless digital locks and wired wall readers secure all your interior and exterior doors.

Also already available, a choice of card and token credentials helps users enjoy safe and convenient access to, and movement around, your premises. Incedo mobile keys add the flexibility to open doors with a smartphone.

Incedo’s system management options — Lite, Plus and Cloud — scale from entry level up to cloud-based administration. You can manage multiple sites and third-party integrations, including security solutions such as CCTV. Scale up and down, add or remove hardware and credentials on demand — or switch system management options — all within a single environment. Migration between Lite, Plus and Cloud options is seamless in any direction, ensuring total flexibility.

And, because the security and operational challenges at a university, small hotel or hospital are not the same as those faced by a public building or corporate HQ, the Incedo ecosystem will introduce new, advanced user interfaces for your specific industry.

“Incedo Business transforms the experience of using and managing a building. It is also the seed from which our revolutionary Incedo ecosystem will grow in the months and years ahead,” says Stephanie Ordan, VP Digital and Access Solutions at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEA.

“A future where doors are smarter, connectivity and movement are seamless, and access management is genuinely intelligent. This is our vision for Incedo and for those who will be using it.”

Learn more about Incedo Business and download a free solution guide, here.

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