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July 13, 2015


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Mobotix Introduces P25 6MP Single-Lens Ceiling Camera With Moonlight Sensor Technology

mobotix Mobotix Introduces First 6MP Single-Lens Ceiling CameraProduct in a nutshell: A six megapixel single lens ceiling camera with specially developed Moonlight sensor to improve performance in low-light conditions. In-built IP network storage functionality with manual pan/tilt functionality and surface mount kit for easy installation.

Sectors/Verticals: Ideal for both homes and small businesses.


  • Moonlight sensor: Delivers exceptional results in low-light conditions.
  • 90o telephoto lens: When installed in a room’s corner can cover almost any part of the room
  • Recording options: In-built memory card for video storage as well as option of recording footage through an IP network on NAS hard drives. The Mobotix camera servers are also highly reliable and can support as many as 10 times more cameras than a centralised VMS
  • Audio package (optional): If two-way audio communication functionality is needed, there is also a compatible audio package for the indoor range of cameras which includes a microphone and speaker

Flexible installation: The ceiling camera with manual pan/tilt functionality can be installed virtually anywhere. Also comes with a surface mount kit for installation on concrete ceilings.

Manufacturer says: “With MxAnalytics, the p25 provides people counting and analysis of people behavior, without any extra costs, which is perfect for indoor locations like retail stores, museums, etc. Without any extra PC or license fees, the p25 represents highest flexibility and cost savings for end users.”

About Manufacturer: MOBOTIX AG is a German based software company with in-house hardware development for high-resolution and IP-based video security solutions. The company focuses on the development of user-friendly and complete system solutions. Established in 1999 they have eschewed the H.264 consensus (although they’ve recently began accommodating H.264, as their CEO explains here), instead focusing on its own proprietary MxPEG format, and their innovative decentralised concept, with VMS capability contained within the cameras rather than centrally and independent of the cameras.

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