Bhavesh Kumar

Senior Correspondent, IFSEC Global

July 3, 2015

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Working with the insider threat

NEC India and Keonics Forge Alliance to Boost Cyber Security Capabilities

NEC India has signed an MOU with Keonics (Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation Limited) to scout for opportunities in the areas of safe city and cyber security.

NEC India, a pproviding IT solutions, network technology, public safety and security solutions to business and government, and Keonics – short for Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation – will join forces to develop solutions in cyber crime, talent development to enhance security infrastructure in Karnatka and the rest of India.

With Keonics on board, NEC will receive valuable expertise to develop solutions for state governments and other government organisations in areas such as anti-terror cyber security, city surveillance, criminal investigation, forensics and system integration.

An NEC spokesperson said: “NEC will channelise its technological capabilities, global experience and local understanding towards Keonics initiatives, and together as a team we are confident of providing profound value to the citizens of Karnataka and India. With Karnataka’s position as a regional hub for technology and business within India, the collaboration will create new avenues of growth in the state and the country.”

Ensuring the safety of citizens is an integral cog in the wheel needed to create a smart city.

“NEC recently adopted a new brand message of ‘Orchestrating a brighter world’, representing the company’s efforts to ensure the safety, security, efficiency and equality of society. Our collaboration with Keonics embodies this vision and enables NEC to capitalise on its achievements and ensure that Karnataka continues to thrive as a scientific, economic and social centre.”

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