SMART cities

Facial recognition technology: A smart solution for smart cities

Rob Watts explores the real-world benefits AI-powered technology can provide society as we enter a new era of innovation with smart cities. Read More

“If it ain’t secure, it ain’t smart” – why today’s devices aren’t truly ‘smart’

Sarb Sembhi argues the case against the use of the term, 'smart' to describe today's devices, systems and solutions from vendors. Read More

Download: The PEARS Project – Enabling Building Safety & Security Systems for Public Alert by Thorsten Ziercke

In this presentation Thorsten Ziercke told IFSEC 2015 visitors about Euralarm's PEARS project, which is investigating how best to enable building safety and security systems for public alert. Read More

Nokia’s Rise and Fall is History’s Warning to Today’s Security Giants – Interview with Xtralis CEO Samir Samhouri

Some of the industry’s biggest brands may no longer be major players a decade from now, Xtralis CEO Samir Samhouri predicts in this video interview. Read More

IFSEC-Euralarm Conference Revisited: Safe, Secure and Resilient Smart Cities

A recap of the insights imparted by speakers from Euralarm, Siemens and Memoori, among others, into the challenges and opportunities posed by smart technologies to urban environments in the 21st century. Read More

NEC India and Keonics Forge Alliance to Boost Cyber Security Capabilities

As Keonics joins NEC, the partnership will help NEC gain experience to develop cyber security solutions for government institutions. Read More

Gloucester Leads UK with Pioneering Communications Project Ahead of Rugby World Cup

Work is underway on a pioneering project which aims to convert Gloucester into one of the best connected cities in the UK, partners Gloucester City Council and BT have announced. Read More

Gurgaon Authorities Enlist Drones to Monitor Urban Environment

If you are a Sohna resident, don’t be surprised if you start witnessing an unmanned ariel vehicle (UAV) hovering above your head. Read More

IFSEC Presentations Revisited: Super-Recognise Me – How the 2011 Riots Changed the Face of CCTV Evidence

The riots that swept across our major cities in summer 2011 changed forever the way the police dealt with CCTV evidence, according to a police expert speaking at last week’s IPSEC’s international conference in London. Read More

IFSEC Speaker Q&A: NG Bailey’s James Hill on Internet of Things (IoT) Security Challenges

Hill discusses smart cities and his forthcoming presentation, which is taking place in the Safe Cities Academy at IFSEC 2015. Read More

Debate: What do the Terms ‘Safe Cities’ or ‘Smart Cities’ Mean to You?

Encompassing every security discipline and both public and private organisations, the safe cities concept is broad and nebulous – we asked security experts from across the industry what the concept means to them. Read More

IFSEC Speaker Q&A: Roz Euan-Smith on Smart Cities

Roz Euan-Smith, senior analyst on Smart Cities at IHS, shares her views on her area of expertise and a subject she'll be discussing at IFSEC International. Read More

IOActive’s Global Call to Action: Smart Cities Must Protect Citizens from Emerging Cyber Security Threats

Company releases white paper on the emerging threats cities face. Read More

Reaction to Union Budget 2015: Sudhindra Holla, country manager, Axis Communications India & SAARC

“As with the smart cities, about 10-15 percent of the total cost for the infrastructure will go in security systems,” says Sudhindra Holla, Country Manager, Axis Communications India & SAARC. Read More

Research: Security as a Key Enabler of Smart Cities

This presentation from Frost & Sullivan described how security is a key enabler of a SMART city. Read More


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