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February 2, 2015

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The Video Surveillance Report 2022

Rapier 50IQ ANPR Camera Launched by MAV Systems

rapier mavProduct in a nutshell: Launched by MAV Systems the Rapier 50IQ is a next-generation, ‘intelligent’ ANPR camera


  • HD image quality
  • Motorised zoom cameras
  • High speed ANPR recognition
  • MaxIRange pulsed IR lighting
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple installation

Integration: MAV Systems has worked with a third party ANPR software provider to provide a complete plate-reading solution. Provides access to packets of metadata in JSON format that allows partners to develop novel applications. App developers can build their own IPR through rules and analysis techniques that recognise events such as illegal turns, exit/entry violations, direction and speed of travel.

Manufacturer says: “Everyone likes to talk about the next generation and breaking barriers but when referring to the Rapier IQ such terms are true,” claims Steve Walker, managing director at MAV Systems. “From the low power consumption and simple installation to the advanced open platform metadata capabilities, the Rapier IQ has been developed to empower our partners do what they do better.

“This level of performance, capability, reliability and technology has never been seen before in a single unit so efficiently designed. The reaction of partners who have tested the IQ to date has been overwhelmingly positive and we cannot wait to spread the word far and wide.”

Adds Peter Henden, the company’s technical director: “Rapier IQ brings together the best ANPR technologies in one package.

“Combining the right balance of video processing, cameras and illumination technologies has allowed us to create an intelligent camera we can proudly and confidently launch with the Rapier name for professional quality and performance. The Rapier 50IQ is a truly awesome product and watch this space for more from the IQ family throughout the year.”

About the manufacturer: MAV Systems is a specialist ANPR and surveillance camera technology provider which sells its solutions around the world. Drawing on 25 years’ experience in the business the Berkshire-based firm says:

“At MAV we pride ourselves on providing first class customer service not only during the enquiry stage but for the life of the product purchased. Many businesses believe excellent customer service is going the extra mile but we feel it should be expected as part of the standard provision.

Excellent customer service drives loyalty and opens the door for successful partnerships because without constant communication and continual support most relationships break down. It is through the standardised excellence of our customer service that has led to partnerships that have lasted more than 10 years and with a growing list of businesses wanting to work with us, we are confident that our way of working is the best.”

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