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July 13, 2015

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VIVOTEK Launches Licence Plate Capture Solution IP816A-LPC for Traffic Monitoring

IP816A-LPC VIVOTEK Launches License Plate Capture Solution IP816A-LPC for Traffic MonitoringProduct in a nutshell: The IP816A-LPC is Vivotek’s first dedicated license plate capture solution. Equipped with a 2 megapixel box network camera and IR LEDs, it supports round-the-clock traffic monitoring applications.

Sectors/Verticals: Designed to meet the working conditions in day and night traffic monitoring environments such as streets, tunnels and parking lots.


  • WDR Pro, 3D Noise Reduction, RBF (Remote Back Focus), EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), Snapshot Focus, configurable shutter speed, P-iris lens and IR illumination control all improve image quality
  • Captures vehicles with both reflective and non-reflective license plates travelling at speeds of up to 80km/h
  • The cameras angle of view is wide enough to capture dual-lane traffic
  • Integrated with VIT Company’s Overseer LPR software
  • Automatic illumination generation: With two external long-range IR LEDs and a built in IR pass filter, the IP816A-LPC can automatically generate sufficient illumination and decrease reflective glare
  • The IP816A-LPC comes protected in a stealth protective casing that is IP66-rated and IK10-rated. The casing helps the camera’s body and IR LEDs to withstand rain and dust and protects it against vandalism or tampering

Manufacturer says: Tim Su, director of marketing communications, said: “Today, video surveillance plays a vital role in traffic monitoring. The key challenge for installers is how to optimally capture fast-moving vehicle plates at all times.

“VIVOTEK, based on its profound and professional experiences in network camera solutions development, is proud to launch the IP816A-LPC solution with supreme innovative features, not only solving a key problem for the industry, but also reinforcing our broad range of solutions for applications in traffic monitoring and city surveillance.”

About Manufacturer: Established in 2000 Vivotek develops network cameras, video servers, video receivers, network video recorders, central management software and PoE solutions. The Taiwanese company now has offices in the US, Netherlands and India and is currently working with more than 150 authorized distributors in over 80 countries.

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