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FIA partners with business consultancy to launch management development programme for fire & security industry

The Fire Industry Association has partnered with Rathbone Results to launch an industry-tailored management development programme. Read More

Effective digital marketing strategies for fire and security providers

Advice into effective online lead-generation strategies and how to use them to promote and grow your fire and security brand. Read More

Wall’s Wisdom: The essence of network marketing – Why is it critical in the security industry?

Why events and networking are critical to the security industry and the development of professionals' understanding of new solutions. Read More

A female perspective on recruitment, retention and progression in the fire industry – Competing for a limited resource pool of talent

Why embracing genuine diverse, inclusive and equitable principles in talent recruitment and retention is key to success in the fire sector. Read More

BigChange technology doubles business for ComLink Fire and Security

BigChange reveals how the latest business automation technology has helped ComLink Fire and Security double its business in just 18 months. Read More

Is your home or small business built on secure foundations? Think again…

Did you know that the standard router relied upon in homes and by thousands of small businesses is the most frequently attacked IoT device? Read More

Recovering from fire damage: What businesses must consider

From insurance to repairs, Dakota Murphey addresses the most important considerations businesses must make to recover from fire damage. Read More

“Plan, what plan? I just like to see what happens…” Why a business plan can help your fire and security business grow

Why a business plan should be a fundamental aspect of all fire & security businesses, outlining seven key aspects to focus on. Read More

Career changers: How to seamlessly welcome them into your team

Dakota Murphey explores why security and fire businesses should be ready to accept engineers from other industries and how they can do so. Read More

SME owners urged to be more aware of their mental health and seek help when necessary, following World Mental Health Day

The turbulence caused by the pandemic has altered the business landscape significantly according to The Accountancy Partnership. Read More

Tech and collaboration finally giving Chief Security Officers a ‘seat at the table’

Daniel Eborall offers a perspective on why security professionals are finally recognised as a key component of the organisational structure. Read More

How businesses can ensure they comply with CCTV regulations

A guide for businesses to ensure if they use CCTV they do so legally and that any footage recorded is securely kept. Read More

Communicating risk and encouraging stakeholder buy-in to security planning

Advice on how security professionals can communicate risk scenarios and encourage buy-in to other stakeholders in the business. Read More

Looking for a new job in security? How to nail video interviews

We provide some advice to those looking for a new job or career in security from a recruiter’s perspective. Read More

Top 5 key branding tips for security professionals

Suzanna Alsayed, IFSEC Global Influencer in Security 2020, offers five tips for security professionals to evolve their personal brand and reach their goals. Read More

How COVID-19 may be affecting fire safety procedures for SMEs

Dakota Murphey explores some of the ways that COVID-19 has affected fire safety procedures at smaller businesses, and what they need to consider upon reassessment. Read More


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