Some Shocking Facts About Fireworks and how to Stay Safe [Infographic]

In conjunction with our sister site SHP Online we’ve produced an infographic to convey the sheer explosive power of a product that may well be available in your local corner shop. Read More

Fire door facts, figures and regulatory requirements: an infographic

UK fire stats, figures on fire prevention efforts, how fire spreads, protecting premises and who is responsible for meeting regulatory requirements. Read More

City surveillance and explosion-proof cameras primed for rapid growth

Hanwha Techwin has produced an infographic highlighting some of IHS Markit's most eye-catching forecasts around video surveillance camera types and vertical markets. Read More

Why upgrade to OSDP for your access control system?

An infographic from HID Global about the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), an access control communication standard that enables a secure connection between access control system readers and door controllers. Read More

The 21 biggest data breaches of the 21st century

Courtesy of Optimum Security, the graphic also examines common causes of data breaches, how frequently data records are lost or stolen and best practices for avoiding a breach. Read More

How cybercrime is punished around the world

Next year could see cybercrime’s total cost to the world economy rise to more than $2tn. We’ll inevitably see new […] Read More

The periodic table of security

This infographic is based on the table everyone encountered in school science lessons, substituting for chemical elements the technologies and concepts central to the modern security sector. First published in 2014 it's been updated to accommodate emerging phenomena like the IoT. Read More

Fire Door Safety Week 2018 in numbers

The organisers of Fire Door Safety Week believe the 2018 campaign is the most successful yet, winning the backing of more than 350 individuals, organisations and businesses, and reaching millions through press coverage and social media. Read More

FIREX International 2018 in numbers: The post-show report

The key facts and figures from FIREX International, Europe’s largest annual fire safety trade show, have been distilled into the […] Read More

Fire door standards and the parlous state of UK fire safety in numbers

This infographic, designed by door locking experts Abloy UK, reveals some sobering statistics on fire casualties and fatalities plus fire service cuts as well as the standards your fire door should comply with. Read More

Understanding RFID skimming: an infographic

If you’re wondering what RFID skimming is and how to prevent it then RFID wallet retailers Bricraft have designed this […] Read More

What do the FIA’s fire detection and alarms qualifications involve? (Infographic)

Produced by the FIA the infographic below explains some of the key information about the qualification designed to resolve a growing skills crisis in the sector. Read More

A UK map of CCTV cameras: Towns and cities by surveillance camera concentration

A single London borough - Hackney - has more CCTV cameras than the UK's five most watched cities combined - one striking fact to emerge from an interactive infographic from digital marketing agency Aira and electronics distributor RS Components. Read More

5 office fire hazards and how to reduce fire risk in the workplace

Cardinus, the health, safety and risk management specialist, has put together an infographic spelling out five fire hazards in the office and how you can minimise the risks. Read More

Firefighting drones: An infographic

This infographic from Dronefly details the growth in the market for firefighting drones, how they are deployed and for what benefits. Read More

Hotel fire safety: 11 tips for protecting guests and property

Markings its 25th anniversary, Vulcan Fire Training has put together the infographic below detailing 11 tips for protecting guests and property in hotels. Read More


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