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December 13, 2022


Whitepaper: Enhancing security, resilience and efficiency across a range of industries

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IFSEC Global’s most read in security: 2022 edition

Often underappreciated, the security profession has once again been integral to ensuring the protection and safety of people, businesses and assets this year. Whether it’s integrating the physical-cyber teams to protect against evolving threats, or working to ensure compliance with AI and video surveillance ethical codes, roles and practices have continued to develop throughout 2022.

On IFSEC Global, we kept readers on top of the latest trends and best practices to support professionals in their jobs. Yet, what caught the eyes of our readers the most? Below, we explore the most read articles related to the security industry this year. Simply follow the links to read on!

Security most read articles 2022

1. Revealed: The IFSEC Global influencers in Security 2022

In June, we revealed the list of influencers in security chosen from nominations provided to our esteemed judging panel. Winners were announced on the night, as the event celebrated the best of security officers and businesses working to keep people, property and places protected. 

2. Securitas completes $3.2 billion acquisition of Stanley Security underlining faith in electronic security services market

In July, we reported on Securitas completing  its acquisition of Stanley Black & Decker’s electronic security business – Stanley Security and Healthcare. 

3. ICO publishes new guidance on domestic CCTV following multiple cases of misuse

In March, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) published new guidance designed to clarify the law on domestic CCTV use in and around people’s homes.

4. Is AI really necessary for video surveillance?

In April, Chris Price reported on how AI is often used as a term to attract organisations with promises of cost savings and, often, unrealistic, levels of accuracy. So, is the new technology always essential? 

5. Retail theft: The growing frontline threat in a cost-of-living squeeze?

In June, Hunter Seymour examined the issues of retail theft, highlighting varying points of view in dealing with perpetrators and the methods – from AI behavioural analysis through to smart tagging criminals – now available to retail security managers and staff to prevent their stores from being targeted.

6. Australian Turf Club racing track implements Oosto facial recognition tech to detect watchlist security threats

In August, the largest racetrack in Sydney, Australia, partnered with Oosto for face-based protection throughout its facility to improve its security credentials.

7. UK retailer Co-Op’s use of facial recognition cameras faces legal challenge from privacy campaignersHolmesGardenPhoto-AlamyStock-CoOpConvenienceRetailer-22

In July, Privacy campaigner group Big Brother Watch mounted a formal complaint to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office over uses of facial recognition technology in cameras across 35 Co-Op stores.

8. Winners of security and fire competitions at WorldSkills UK revealed!

In November, the finalists from the Engineers of Tomorrow competition at IFSEC and FIREX 2022 took on the WorldSkills UK competitions, and we revealed this year’s winners for the electronic security systems and fire detection and alarms competition. The future of the industry is in safe hands!

9. Is IoT set to revolutionise the fire safety industry?

In April, Chris Price reported on how IoT is not just playing an increasingly important role in security, but also fire safety, despite understandable concerns over cyber security and resilience.

10. AI and 5G ranked as most significant technology trends for 2022 and beyond

In January, Ron Alalouff reported on the continuing rollout of 5G and the application of AI which topped the list of the most important technologies expected to grow in 2022, according to a survey of senior technology officers published by international technology organisation IEEE. 

11. Why the insider threat will motivate cyber and physical teams to collaborate more than ever in 2022

Also in January, former chief psychologist for the US Secret Service, Dr. Marisa Randazzo, who now heads up Ontic’s Center of Excellence argued that organisations will need to further integrate their cyber security and physical security functions throughout 2022 and beyond. Listen to our podcast interview with Marisa, discussing school shootings and the psychology behind them, here.

12. Top 10 cyber security trends for 2022

In February, Andrew Gogarty, Chief Security Evangelist at Secon, shared his predictions for the top cyber security trends set to hit the industry in 2022, including cloud breaches, insider threats, supply chain attacks and more.

13. Embracing digital transformation in physical security

In April, Peter Evans, CEO, Patriot One Technologies argued his belief that the physical security sector needs to take a leaf out of the cyber profession’s book, and embrace digital transformation techniques to ensure it keeps up with today’s more sophisticated threats.

14. Facial recognition technology: A smart solution for smart cities

In February, Rob Watts, CEO at Corsight AI, explored the real-world benefits AI-powered technology can provide society as we enter a new era of innovation with smart cities.

15. Automatic Facial Recognition – The debate in 2022

In September, we looked at how public and private sectors in particular are exploring the use of solutions utilising Automated Facial Recognition (AFR) to prevent crime and improve the safety of their facilities – and analysed where we currently are in the AFR debate. 

SchoolSecurity-IanCanham-AlamyStock16. How technology is being implemented in UK schools to improve security

In October, we reported on just how ambitious those tasked with securing facilities, staff and students at UK schools can be about implementing security measures. 

17. The BSIA’s British Security Awards 2022 winners revealed as event returns to live format

In July, we reported on The British Security Industry Association’s (BSIA) annual British Security Awards which returned to a live format for 2022. Winners were announced on the night, as the event celebrated the best of security officers and businesses working to keep people, property and places protected.

18. 39% of businesses experienced a cyberattack in 2021, as UK Government releases its Cyber Security Breaches report

In April, the Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey, organised by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), found that 39% of UK businesses had experienced a cyberattack in the past 12 months.

19. Why retail stores are more vulnerable than ever to cybercrime

In September, Dakota Murphey explained why store owners and security managers need to also protect their physical locations from cyber threat. 

20. Seven trends set to impact the identity and access security industry in 2022

In February, HID Global highlighted that supply chain shortages, a focus on sustainability and a changing workforce to reshape technologies were important trends set to impact the access control and identity industry in 2022 and beyond.

IFSEC Global – Top security resources of the year

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