Wearables and privacy protection among top secure identity trends, says HID Global

Wearables, personalised mobile access, privacy protection and improving user experience are among the trends highlighted in an analysis of secure identity solutions issued by HID Global. Read More

Debate: How Could the Physical-Security Industry Deploy Wearable Tech?

An academic, a lone-worker specialist and wearables expert are among those we asked to ponder the potential operational dividends of this nascent breed of technology. Read More

The Top 5 Trends in Global Security According to Frost & Sullivan

The market research firm has also released a video exploring topics including the protection of critical national infrastructure, the growing cyber threat and the internet of things. Read More

Wearables and the Growing Cyber Threat: How to Protect You and Your Business

Wearables and the internet of things is multiplying vulnerabilities to cyber attacks, warns the CEO of email security company Agari. Read More

Next Generation Body Wearable Cameras from Genetec

Listen to the IFSEC Global podcast! Each month, the IFSEC Global Security in Focus podcast brings you conversations with leading […] Read More

How Wearable Tech is Creating Legal Headaches for Regulators and Employers

Will Richmond-Coggan of Pitmans LLP explores the myriad legal issues arising from the use of Google glasses and similar tech in the workplace and society in general. Read More

Wearable Tech: Could Hackers Steal a Video Record of Your Life? And Other Security Questions…

What fresh security threats does the embryonic world of wearables pose? How can businesses minimise risks? Read More

Wearable Tech for Women, Lone Workers and Tesco

James Stables, senior editor of Wareable, spoke to IFSEC Global about some of the exciting tech emerging from this nascent market. Read More

5 Ways Wearable Tech Will Change the Security Industry

The latest paradigm in IP devices could have implications for access control, corporate environments and mobile payments. Read More

The Internet of Things: 5 prescriptions for Exploiting Wearable Tech

Cyber security, licensing and business models need to evolve quickly to protect users and their businesses from malign forces in this virgin territory. Read More

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