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November 18, 2020

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FIREX Tech Talks

FIREX Tech Talks: Advanced LuxIntelligent and EasySafe

Advanced: LuxIntelligent and EasySafe

IFSEC-FIREX-TechTalks-20In the November FIREX Tech Talks, Advanced showed off two of the systems in its emergency lighting portfolio. The LuxIntelligent emergency lighting system is said to help customers reduce running, installation and maintenance costs. Quick to install, it works with almost any light and saves time and money by automating compliance and maintenance planning using a range of cloud apps, highlights the company. Testing can be done on your phone, avoiding the expense and inconvenience of site visits.

Designed to work alongside LuxIntelligent, Advanced also demonstrated EasySafe, its new range of addressable, ultra-low voltage emergency luminaires and exit signs. Quick to fit, the business explains how their LED technology offers lower running costs, CO2 emissions and greater longevity compared to fluorescent lights.

Within the live Q&A, discussions included:

  • How can LuxIntelligent’s cloud system save time on site?
  • How easy is it to add more panels into a LuxIntelligent system?
  • How does the system create reports, and how do you access those reports?
  • Why do so many businesses fail to keep their emergency lighting systems up to date after refurbishment?

Watch the video below to view the full Tech Talk! 

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