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November 18, 2020

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The 2022 State of Physical Access Control Report

FIREX Tech Talks



IFSEC-FIREX-TechTalks-20Released last year, BS 8629:2019 gives guidance on Evacuation Alert Systems installed in blocks of flats to assist the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) in evacuating part or all of a building in an emergency. In response, C-TEC has released its EVAC-ALERT system to offer a compliant solution to building and fire safety managers, which the company showed off during FIREX Tech Talks.

Housed in a vandal-resistant locked cabinet accessible only by the FRS in an emergency, the control panel for the EVAC-ALERT features bright LED indicators and “easy-to-operate” toggle switches for each evacuation zone. Each panel can connect to an array of evacuation alert devices including sounders, visual alert devices and even vibrating devices and pagers to alert the deaf, hard of hearing or mobility impaired. The device comprises EN54-2/4 third-party certified components and can be used to create building-specific wired, wireless or hybrid evacuation alert systems in consultation with the relevant FRS.

Questions covered in the live Q&A session, included:

  • What has the response from industry been like so far to the new BS 8629 regulations?
  • What type of cabling is required and does it interface with existing sounders in each apartment?
  • How often should EVAC-ALERT be tested?
  • Will EVAC-ALERT work with other vendor devices? And can it be integrated with other systems?

Watch the video below to view the full Tech Talk! 

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