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December 7, 2020

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Security Commonwealth

Security Commonwealth announces Jayne King as new chair

Jayne King ASMS FSyI is set to take over as the new chair of The Security Commonwealth (SyCom) in the spring of 2021, taking over from Guy Mathias FSyI. A key objective for Jayne will be the “development and implementation of a Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity strategy for SyCom and its members”, she explains.


Jayne King, ASMS FSyI

Jayne will be the sixth SyCom chair and the first woman. While the chair role usually runs until December 31st, Guy has agreed to extend his role until the spring, to allow Jayne to meet current work commitments.

Having been approved by the SyCom Board, Jayne’s appointment was confirmed unanimously at the recent meeting of the whole SyCom committee. In 2021 SyCom is determined to maintain and expand its role as the voice of the security industry believing that we are ‘Stronger Together’. Next year will see SyCom focus on improving diversity, equality and inclusivity within the security world.

Jayne served two terms as Chair of the National Association for Healthcare Security (NAHS) and at its November AGM was elected as President.

Current SyCom Chair Guy Mathias commented: “It has been a privilege and honour to serve as The Security Commonwealth Chair. I wish to thank All Security Commonwealth member organisations for their support during my tenure.

“I welcome Jayne to this pivotal position next Spring, and the vast wealth of experience, professionalism and integrity Jayne will bring to the role. Jayne is an individual who commands immense respect in our sector, and I look forward to continuing to support both Jayne and The Security Commonwealth as the Immediate Past Chair.”

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On her appointment, Jayne added: “I am enormously proud to have been selected to become the sixth Chair of the Security Commonwealth and of course the first of the stronger gender brigade!

“My sincere thanks go to the past Chair Joe Connell for his unwavering advice, the current Chair Guy Mathias without whose guidance I could not consider taking on this role, along with all the other members of the board who have been so supportive. Special thanks must go to David Cooke, SyCom secretary who keeps us all on track and makes everything look so seamless.

“The Security Commonwealth aims to be the ‘all-inclusive industry advocate on security issues in the UK, to create lasting networks and alliances and to promote and lead the security industry with a single voice’. With this in mind, one of the objectives for my tenure will be the development and implementation of a Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity strategy for SyCom and its members. I think we’ve reached a point where women – and certainly many men too – are asking: ‘what progress have we actually made towards ensuring equal participation in society, particularly in leadership and key decision-making roles in the security sector?’

“There is a sense out there, that women are at last beginning to enter the senior ranks in some work streams. The diversity and inclusion strand also needs to ensure that SyCom is representative of the Security sector workforce, at all levels, and of course we must ensure that we are reflective of the communities that we serve.

“I look forward to 2021 and the challenges that we may face together.”

There are over 40 members of the security Commonwealth covering all areas of the profession.  For more information please contact the secretary Dave Cooke on [email protected]

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