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July 27, 2012


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ADT and Tyco launch Generation 6 to reduce installation time

ADT Generation 6ADT Generation 6 detector

Both ADT Fire and Security and Tyco Fire Protection Productions have introduced Generation 6 detection technology providing speedier installation and more efficient programming.

Generation 6 detectors have a remote wireless link built into the device, which allows two-way communication with the 850EMT engineering management tool. This enables fire detection engineers and service technicians to adjust the settings and parameters of the detector using a hand held device, without having to manually access each sensor.

In applications with a large quantity of detectors or access issues, this offers time savings and makes the installation and programming of the sensors safer by allowing engineers to work at ground level.

Tyco detectorTyco Generation 6 detector

Peter Lackey, ADT fire product marketing manager said: “Our latest fire detection innovation ensures that we can provide a more robust and resilient product to our customers, with improved operational reliability for early detection of all fire types coupled to false and unwanted alarm immunity.

Eric Tasse, director of product management, Fire Detection, at Tyco said: “The inclusion of infra-red technology within the new detectors is a unique innovation within the fire detection industry and we are sure will deliver direct and rapid benefits to our customers.”

One other benefit is the inclusion of advanced design, manufacture and use of new algorithms to the range, offering a lifespan of 10 years for Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors between service changes and 20 years for smoke detectors.

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