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September 1, 2010

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Returning to the workplace: How access control plays a vital role in a safe and secure return strategy

Dedicated Micros launches colour-coded Eco4 DVR

The completely redesigned four-channel unit, which is available from this month, is described as “a powerful yet compact solution” built around the company’s tried-and-tested NetVu Connected technology platform.

These new DVRs offer “instant access to all controls” through a colour-coded menu structure and front panel buttons.

When deployed, the Eco4 has the potential to deliver true global record rates of up to 100 pps (PAL) at CIF resolution.

A beneficial feature of the entry-level Eco4 DVR is its ability to offer simultaneous live viewing, playback and recording on all models such that live monitoring can occur without impacting on what’s being recorded.

When space is at a premium

The small size – 203x152x51 mm (8x6x2 inches) – and weight – 1.1 kg (2.51 lbs) – of these models renders them an ideal choice for applications where space is at a premium. It also affords greater flexibility over positioning of the unit during the installation process.

In terms of specific users, the new Eco4 is seen as an attractive standalone solution for convenience stores and other small applications. Given its NetVu Connected capabilities and competitive price point, the DVR can also be economically integrated into more extensive surveillance infrastructures where extended coverage of a site is the requirement for the end user.

As well as the distinctive colour-coded buttons on the Eco4’s front panel which reflect the unit’s on-screen menu structure, the DVR has an in-built IR sensor to support remote control (the controller is available separately).

The DVRs can also be controlled via a USB mouse or keyboard. For ease of use, the GUI (Graphical User Interface) has been designed to be context sensitive so it only displays the most appropriate area of the menu to a user, allowing settings to be selected quickly and easily.

Speed of installation

When it comes to system configuration, for the sake of consistency (and to speed up installation) a common configuration interface has been adopted whether the unit is being accessed locally or remotely via a web browser.

The new Eco4 follows the trend of Dedicated Micros’ latest products to come as standard with informative on-board help videos. These step-by-step videos are designed to assist with both user and configuration features.

Key topics covered include: basic live and playback control, telemetry control, alarm configuration, event reviewing and archiving.

In practical terms, being built around the NetVu Connected technology core means that the Eco4 can be operated seamlessly with NetVu Connected-enabled products from Dedicated Micros and other AD Group companies as part of a single, unified viewing solution.

In-built Transcoding engine

As a NetVu Connected DVR, the Eco4 also benefits from industry-leading capabilities such as an in-built Transcoding engine which can convert evidential quality recorded JPEG images into an MPEG-4 data stream for playback. This is a particularly useful capability when playing back recordings on bandwidth-limited network connections.

Turning to storage, the Eco4 is supplied with a 500 Gb hard disk drive (HDD). It’s also available ‘diskless’ so it can be used with an external USB HDD.

For archiving and event copying, event and user-defined sequences may be easily saved to external flash memory or hard disk drive via the Eco4’s USB port.

The new Eco4 DVR has been designed to support a wide range of file formats including JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264.

Major uplift in capability

Commenting on the launch, Pauline Norstrom – the director of worldwide marketing at Dedicated Micros – said: “Being NetVu Connected with colour-coded menus and on-board help videos, the new Eco4 represents a major uplift in capability compared to its predecessor.”

Norstrom added: “We believe that it will prove to be an extremely attractive proposition at the CCTV entry level, offering many of the features of larger and more expensive models in a compact and user-friendly package.”

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