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September 4, 2010

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Wireless Access Control Report 2021

SD range DVRs developed by Dedicated Micros

The major change in this series of DVRs is represented by the integration of a colour-coded panel interface.

In truth, the adoption of front panel control – alongside a series of on-board help videos – is designed to further enhance the user-friendliness of the SD recorder range, the models within which are targeted primarily for deployment in medium-sized applications.

Looking in more detail at the SD range units, they combine ease of use with high performance. A key differentiator when set against competing solutions is the DVRs’ ability to automatically offer consistent ‘out of the box’

recording duration and smooth motion video on all cameras through pre-configured default settings.

Crucially, the SD range models’ menus allow any per channel configuration to effectively use full global PPS.

Advanced capabilities including multimode recording also mean that it’s possible – if required by the end user -to dynamically switch the resolution, record rate and compression (MPEG-4 and JPEG) per camera.

SD DVRs: powerful transmission products

The SD DVR is a powerful transmission product suitable for remotely monitored applications when combined with NetVu ObserVer and Event Distribution Point (EDP) alarm receiving software.

Turning to the SD range’s aforementioned colour-coded soft key user interface, for added flexibility all the functions of the DVR can now be accessed locally through the new front panel, the supplied infrared remote control and an optional USB keyboard.

Once again, if desired by the end user it’s possible to configure the SD DVRs remotely via web pages which, for ease of operation, mirror the layout of the local interface.

Available for the first time on SD range models, new on-board help videos have been created to provide invaluable assistance with respect to both user and configuration features.

The step-by-step videos, which can be quickly accessed through the SD range units’ local and remote viewer, cover key topics such as basic live and playback control, telemetry control, alarm configuration, event reviewing and archiving.

Information storage capacity

In terms of storage, the 8 and 16-channel models can be supplied with up to 1 Tb of storage capacity. An additional 10 Tb of storage may be accessed through the use of MSUs (Managed Storage Units) which can be purchased separately.

Models in the SD range also come with a built-in CD-R writer and USB ports for downloading archived video to external flash memory.

Speaking about the new product line, Pauline Norstrom – the director of worldwide marketing at Dedicated Micros – explained: “Since its launch, the SD range’s consistent recording functionality and intuitive colour-coded soft key menu system, typically accessed via an infrared remote control, have proven to be extremely popular features with users.”

Norstrom went on to state: “When it comes to control, we recognise that some customers still prefer the physical reassurance of front panel buttons on the DVR itself. This has been taken on board with the design and roll-out of the all-new 8 and 16-channel SD models.”

In conclusion, Norstrom added: “The provision of help videos reflects our commitment to ensure that installers and end users are able to maximise the benefits of our CCTV systems.”

Text support and text search

Other key features of the SD range DVRs include text support and text search with relevant CCTV data – ideal for retail EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale)-type applications, and their ability to be used as the on-site transmission equipment at the heart of a BS 8418-compliant remotely monitored, detector-activated CCTV solution.

In addition, the SD range offers live and playback viewing on a local composite monitor, in addition to over-the-Ethernet and coaxial and serial telemetry control as standard.

A future software release is planned by Dedicated Micros which will allow the SD range recorders to connect with up to four IP cameras.

Alongside the new 8 and 16-channel SD range models, four and 32-channel variants are also available without front panel control.

Building blocks of CCTV

Dedicated Micros’ equipment now records more than seven million images every second of every day around the world. It’s fair to say that technological developments pioneered by the company have formed many of the building blocks for the success of today’s CCTV industry.

Headquartered in Warrington, Dedicated Micros’ parent company AD Group was established in 1997, its primary objective being to create and bring to market leading edge CCTV solutions.

Principal shareholder Mike Newton founded Dedicated Micros in 1982, the company now ranking top on the global stage for multi-channel DVRs.

In 2001, Dedicated Micros became an integral part of the AD Group.

Since that time, all AD companies have been able to take advantage of a shared technology base, offering the potential for flexible CCTV solutions on the ground, in the air and on the move.

Members of the AD Group include AD Aerospace, AD Aviation, AD Mobile, AD Network Video, ChipWrights, Dedicated Micros, D-Tec, ISD, RemGuard and TSS.

Further information on Dedicated Micros and the AD Group is available online (dedicated links are available on the right hand panel of this page)

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