5 things you may not know about your video management system

Erez Goldstein

Director of marketing, Qognify

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Erez Goldstein is director of marketing at Qognify.
July 31, 2017

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If you’ve visited any of the major security trade show this year, such as Intersec, ISC West or IFSEC International, you will have no doubt seen some of the latest video management systems (VMS).

But what does a ‘next generation’ VMS offer you over and above your incumbent system – and is it worth upgrading? Here are five things you may be surprised to know a next-generation VMS is capable of:

1. Gain access to more video sources without adding more cameras

Typically, the primary source of video for the control room are ‘fixed’ surveillance cameras, but this is beginning to change, with advances in mobile devices and dedicated applications developed for the security industry.

Today, it is possible employees (and even citizens) to transmit video from mobile devices to the control room in real-time, from anywhere. In essence, you are adding a whole new sensor to the security system without investing in a single piece of hardware, as the devices are already there!

2. Add new video analytics applications with ease

Video analytics applications have been in use for a long time, but earlier versions bear little resemblance to the powerful analytics solutions that can be integrated within the latest VMS’. They are evening embracing cutting-edge advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

One such example is ability to make video searchable and in turn reduce the time taken to locate and track person/s of interest from hours to minutes. The time when it will be possible to search for specific items, colours, movement and even the detection of risks through leading indicators is not far from becoming a reality.

3. Save on upgrading to a full-blow PSIM solution

PSIM and situation management systems have a vitally important role to play for many organisations, but others simply want to better manage their security operations, and would benefit substantially from some of the capabilities inherent within PSIM systems. This is one of the major advantages of next-generation VMS.

You can integrate and centrally manage the core security systems – access control, intrusion detection, fire and of course video (the hallmark of every good VMS). However, in addition it can be ‘extended’ with incident management capabilities, giving a greater degree of situational awareness that in turn makes decision-making and incident response far more effective and consistent.

4. Control PTZ use case

In addition to receiving video from mobile devices, it is also possible to push important information from the control room out to the mobile devices of field personnel, responders and other stakeholders.

A mobile application that is bi-directional and fully integrated with your VMS allows control room operators to share live and recorded video, delivering what they are seeing in the control room out to those on-site attending to the incident.

5. Integrate video feeds from drone-mounted cameras

Drones have become hot property and rightly so (having their very own Drone Zone at IFSEC in London last month). A VMS can distribute video feeds from drones in real-time, providing responders and operations teams with surveillance footage that would be impossible to get unless an aircraft was on site.

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