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October 2, 2023


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Product news

New security product launches and tech updates – September 2023

IFSEC Insider takes readers through the latest product launches and software updates to hit the security market throughout September 2023.

This month we cover releases including:

  • Eagle Eye Networks unveils Version 3 of its Video API platform
  • Dahua updates DSS Pro VMS platform with AcuPick Technology
  • Ajax Systems receives security Grade 3 certification for product range
  • Zenitel introduces vandal-resistant intercoms
  • Ontic’s Connected Ecosystem for its unification platform surpasses 60 integrations
  • Peoplesafe reveals Nexus software platform to manage the personal safety risk of employees
  • Hanwha Vision adds AI capability to PTX range and introduces RoadWatch ANPR solution
  • OPTEX unveils LiDAR sensor with integrated camera
  • Genetec now has integration capabilities between Mission Control decision management system and Clearance evidence management system
  • Abloy launches offline version of Incedo access control platform

Keep up to date with all the product releases and software updates in the security industry here:

Or head straight to the latest releases over the past few months below:

Eagle Eye Networks

V3 of Video API Platform built for faster implementation of video applications

EagleEye-V3API-23Eagle Eye Networks has launched Version 3 of the Eagle Eye Video API Platform, which is used by Eagle Eye developers, resellers, and technology partners. The new API is built for faster implementation of video applications by developers, and builds upon the API foundation of V1 and V2.

Committed to an open platform with a comprehensive RESTful API accessible by all, and extensive camera support, with this launch the company continues its platform investment for developers to create applications leveraging and integrating cloud video surveillance.

Eagle Eye will continue to support its V1 and V2 APIs for the foreseeable future, but recommends all new development be done on API V3.

The Video API Platform and mobile and web software development kits (SDKs) are designed to bring cloud video surveillance and AI capabilities to developers for faster development and integration with video surveillance, as well as building custom solutions for clients.



DSS Pro VMS platform upgrade

Dahua’s latest update to its Video Management System (VMS) DSS Pro V8.3 primarily focuses on integrating Dahua’s algorithm, AcuPick Technology, which helps investigators save time in searching for and identifying people of interest.

The search algorithm breaks up people and vehicle objects into feature values that are sent to the DSS platform for processing. DSS saves these feature values to its database and finds the target object by comparing the feature values. It is designed to support security staff find and track persons or vehicles of interest using a single reference image.

DSS Pro V8.3 also introduces a clearer assignment system. The workflow is divided into three groups – staff assignment, safeguarding doors, and the routes connecting the two – to allow users to see personal assignments for each door and personnel situation.

Additional updates include an improved user interface to provide an overview of peak times, equipment status and other information.


Ajax Systems

Grade 3 certification for several security products

AjaxSystems-Grade3-23Several products from Ajax Systems’ security range have been certified for Grade 3 systems – for use in environments where enhanced security is required, such as jewellery stores, banks, ARMS and high-risk facilities.

Since August 31, the following Ajax devices are officially Grade 3 certified:

  • Hub Hybrid (2G)
  • MultiTransmitter Fibra
  • StreetSiren Fibra
  • StreetSiren DoubleDeck Fibra
  • HomeSiren Fibra
  • KeyPad Fibra

All devices are already available to order. The stock keeping units (SKU) remain the same for all devices that receive a Grade 3 certificate. To avoid misunderstanding, packages and stickers will have a Grade 3 mark to distinguish certified devices.

Several more Ajax devices are in the process of certification to Grade 3, adds the company.



Durable and vandal-resistant intercoms 

Zenitel-VandalResistantStations-23Zenitel has launched its VR3G-1 and VR3G-1P vandal resistant intercoms.

Designed for the safety of individuals and to mitigate the risk of self-harm or abuse, both intercoms feature soft rounded corners, chamfered edges, and a flushed button design.

The intercoms are equipped with tamper switch alarm, to notify operators of any potential security issues such as tampering or attempted removal from a wall. The VR3G-1P also has scheduled self-test enabled through a flush design Piezo button.

Water and dust protected with an IP66 rating, they can be used outdoors in any weather environment, even in locations with extreme water or dust, according to the manufacturer.

The new intercoms have been engineered to withstand vandalism with an IK10 rating, steel front plate, and poke protection technology.



Connected Ecosystem passes 60 integrations

Designed to support clients with centralised access to their intelligence and data sources, Ontic’s Connected Ecosystem software now includes over 60 different data, technology and systems integrations.

“Since our founding, we have recognised the need for security teams to move beyond their decades-old challenge of logging into various systems to locate pertinent information about a potential threat,” said Manish Mehta, Chief Product Officer, Ontic.

“With our Connected Ecosystem program, we are on a mission to provide a unified view of the diverse information security teams need to better manage the entire threat lifecycle. ”

Ontic Platform clients can connect to existing business software and security devices or integrate with a homegrown, internal system to create a unified ecosystem. Ontic explains that its Connected Ecosystem programme is focused on expanding intelligence and business data from sources such as:

  • Public Data – Data from providers gives corporate security teams the ability to unlock critical information and access a portfolio of integrated research tools and data sources for added situational awareness. Data sources include social media, the dark web, severe weather, public events, identity, adverse media, public records (criminal and civil), and more. Providers include but are not limited to AccuWeather, Flashpoint, Giant Oak, UniCourt, and DarkOwl.
  • Security Systems – Data from devices and technologies, such as workplace platforms, license plate reader cameras, camera systems, access control systems, identity security, and more, for proactive anomaly detection, pattern spotting, and alerting. Providers include but are not limited to Envoy, HID, Avigilon, Genetec, and Rekor.
  • Business Systems – Data at the centre of security operations that help create a single source of truth for organisations by integrating with systems like visitor, travel, and event management, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain logistics, financial systems, and cybersecurity tools. Integrations include but are not limited to Workday, Slack, Jira, Greenhouse, and RainFocus.



Nexus software platform for personal safety risk management

Peoplesafe has launched Nexus, a new software platform that is designed to enable customers to proactively manage personal safety risk across their business. The software allows organisations to access information and take proactive action to improve safety across an entire workforce, the provider says.

Nexus is designed to enable organisations to meet their Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) objectives via a centralised platform. This offers a single point of management and information, which provides reports and actionable data to aid customers in understanding and measuring the risks that their people face.

Peoplesafe Head of Product, John Knowles, said, “Nexus represents a significant innovation in the way employee safety is managed. The platform has been designed from the ground up with the capability to scale to any EHS requirement. Continuous improvement is vital to our success and our new system enables us to meet the needs of our customers now and in the future.”

Nexus is built via a micro-services approach, is cloud native and is fully API-enabled to work with a customer’s existing internal systems, such as workforce management platforms and security operation centres (SOCs).


Hanwha Vision

Adding AI capability to PTZ PLUS range

HanwhaVision-AIPTZ-23To support users with accurate detection and classification, Hanwha Vision has launched a range of HD PTZ PLUS cameras with AI capabilities.

Designed for large open areas, the inclusion of AI will be said to reduce false alarms and allow the cameras to accurately classify objects including persons, faces, vehicles (including vehicle type) and number plates.

Key features of the AI capabilities include:

  • More accurate object detection and video analytics – This includes searching capabilities, with deep-learning AI supporting the removal of irrelevant objects such as animals
  • Auto-tracking – Driven by the upgraded AI engine, the X Series PTZ PLUS cameras are said to be able to automatically lock on to desired targets or track small objects in challenging scenarios
  • MQTT server to communicate with other devices – Examples may include automatic panning to a detected entry/exit point to provide visual confirmation of the person entering. Alternatively, the camera can share information about an object detection event to the MQTT broker, to then trigger specific actions such as locking or unlocking a door, switching on lights or turning off the air conditioning.
  • Consistent image quality – Adaptive IR technology will support in ‘evidence-grade images’ of objects up to a distance of 200 metres away, says Hanwha Vision

The AI PTZ Plus line-up comprises nine models, available in 4K/6MP/2MP resolutions with options for IR and wiper functionality.



REDSCAN mini-Pro LiDAR sensor with integrated camera

optex-redscan-mini-pro-podium-23OPTEX has unveiled its REDSCAN mini-Pro sensor series comprising two models.

The latest addition to the REDSCAN LiDAR series, the new mini-Pro is said to have the ability to analyse the size, location and distance of moving or loitering objects to accurately and precisely detect intruders to a range of 20x20m.

Designed to work in both indoor and outdoor short-range applications, the sensors can be mounted horizontally to create invisible laser planes to protect roofs, skylights and ceilings or vertically to create virtual laser walls to protect high-value assets, perimeter gates or facades.

The device features an integrated camera that allows verification of the cause of the alarm, while simultaneously recording and saving video footage and detailed logs for post-event analysis. IR LED with adjustable light sensitivity enables the sensor to provide surveillance of premises in any lighting or weather condition, claims OPTEX.

To be adaptable to site-specific requirements, the REDSCAN mini-Pro features eight independent detection zones. Within each zone, the sensitivity, target size and output can be configured independently so that an individual zone’s risk and location settings can be optimised for maximum capture rates with minimum nuisance alarms.

The sensors are also ONVIF Profile S compliant for ease of integration.



Integration between Genetec Mission Control and Clearance systems

Genetec-MissionControl-23Genetec has announced a new integration between the Genetec Mission Control decision management system, and the Genetec Clearance digital evidence management solution.

This integration enables users to move seamlessly from incident response to investigation from within a single interface, explains the provider.

All cameras tied to an event can now be exported in a single action to a case in Clearance, designed to reduce the time operators spend documenting incidents. Once uploaded to Clearance, recordings can be stored based on the retention period defined by the nature of the incident, and the organisation’s business policy.

The Mission Control incident report is also preserved as part of the case, which allows organisations to demonstrate policy compliance when handling an event as all actions related to the incident are documented in the report.

Like the video exports, these reports can then be shared with other parties or used internally for audit purposes.


Hanwha Vision

RoadWatch edge-based ANPR solution

Said to be ideal for urban traffic environments, RoadWatch has been launched by Hanwha Vision. The edge-based ANPR solution is pre-loaded on six specially selected X series cameras, allowing for deployment with the licence already activated.

HanwhaVision-Roadwatch-23Roadwatch is also available as a separate application offering compatibility with a wider range of X series cameras.

The system covers one lane of traffic travelling up to 55 mph and 30m IR, and features direction detection and two recognition zones. The edge-based analytics are designed to reduce the bandwidth requirements for operators compared to server-based AI, with only metadara being transferred back to the server.

Key events are provided in a list view, while specific reactions can be triggered for vehicles identified on lists, alongside Smart Search to find specific numberplates. Further insights can be gleaned via the application’s Statistics function which can tell operators about the busiest times of day or days of the week.

The new solution has been developed in partnership with FF Group, with both companies expecting more to come, such as ParkWatch, in the future.

Uri Guterman, Head of Product & Marketing at Hanwha Vision Europe explains: “Hanwha Vision partners with innovative vendors to increase our intelligent video solutions and FF Group is a prime example of this.

“With specialist applications in traffic monitoring and management, the partnership with FF Group has led to several leading-edge ANPR applications like Road AI for type, make, model, and colour recognition.”


Abloy UK

Incedo Offline for offline access control management

Abloy-IncedoOffline-23Abloy UK has unveiled Incedo Offline, an extension to the Incedo ecosystem that allows access to be managed both in real-time and offline at the same premises, providing greater control and flexibility for security and facilities managers.

The Incedo solution now allows organisations to secure openings with either an offline autonomous electronic lock or in real-time via online devices, with everything managed in one place.

The organisation selects the access control hardware required across single or multiple buildings or sites, and then choose between cloud or local management.

The addition of Incedo offline gives security and facilities managers the option to use both online and autonomous management – combining real-time access control of high security areas such as entrances, labs, server rooms, with offline control of areas with lower security needs.


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