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April 25, 2019

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Axis Communications launches PTZ, multidirectional camera, audio amplifier and video door station

Axis Communications has demonstrated its evolution beyond a pure video surveillance manufacturer with the launch of a raft of new products.

They do include two new camera models –a multidirectional IR camera and heavy duty PTZ camera – but also a network audio amplifier and network video door station.

AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier

Repositioning itself as an IoT not just security solution provider, Axis has recently diversified into the network audio market, with applications include security, announcements and background music.

The AXIS C8210 simplifies migration from traditional systems to networked audio by equipping passive speakers with the same feature set as Axis network speakers. By pairing the AXIS C8210 with AXIS Audio Management Software, users can enjoy the benefits below.



  • Flexible zoning
  • Managing and monitoring all audio devices from a single interface
  • Integration with SIP, VoIP, and camera systems
  • Amplifier with built-in equaliser
  • 15W power output for up to eight speakers
  • Support for health monitoring
  • I/O and SD-card slot

AXIS Q6215-LE heavy duty PTZ

This PTZ model was developed, said Axis, in response to demand for heavy-duty PTZ cameras with built-in IR illumination.

It boasts a half-inch sensor plus rapid pan, tilt, and zoom. The network PTZ achieves exceptional video quality at up to 1,300 ft, including in low light or complete darkness, claims Axis. This is achieved courtesy of long-range OptimizedIR technology, alongside IR LEDs, that adjusts to camera’s zoom.

Challenging weather conditions are withstood readily, says Axis, including wind speeds of up to 150mph. Interest from customers seeking to monitor wide open-areas prone to high winds, like airports, harbours, and highways, is therefore anticipated.



  • half-inch sensor
  • long-range OptimizedIR technology, alongside IR LEDs, adjusts to camera’s zoom – sustaining video quality at up to 1,300 ft
  • withstands wind speeds of up to 150mph

AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station

Combining access control, two-way audio and a 6MP security camera in a single device, The AXIS A8207-VE promises to reduce the number of devices installed at the door.

Axis says it easily integrates with video management, access control, and VoIP communications.


  • integrated RFID reader for easy employee access or remote entrance control via computer, phone or mobile device.
  • supporting analytics including motion and sound-based detection, which can be used to trigger events including verbal greetings or recordings.
  • Built-in keypad for dialing and PIN verification
  • Acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction
  • SIP, VAPIX, and ONVIF compatibility

AXIS P3719-PLE multidirectional camera

The AXIS P3719-PLE, says Axis, is easy to install and cost-effective, essentially performing the job of four cameras.

Designed for outdoor use this four-channel network camera delivers Quad HD resolution, 30 frames per second and 360-degree coverage round the clock.

Axis Lightfinder technology, WDR and 360-degree IR illumination combine to “capture images with exceptional sharpness and clarity regardless of lighting conditions”.



  • Quad HD resolution
  • 30 FPS frame
  • Four varifocal camera heads can monitor four directions and provide 360-degree overviews or combination of overviews and detailed close-ups.
  • Axis Lightfinder technology
  • WDR
  • 360-degree IR illumination
  • Can be recessed or corner mounted
  • Integrated IP66/IP67-rated weather shield

Axis Communications announced the new products at ISC West 2019.

Axis Communications is exhibiting at IFSEC International 2019, taking place 18-20 June 2019 at ExCeL London (stand IF920). Book your free ticket now.

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