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August 2, 2023


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Gun detection

City in New Mexico layers AI-based gun detection software on top of security cameras

The city of Hobbs, New Mexico, has deployed ZeroEyes’ AI-based gun detection video analytics platform in a move designed to protect citizens from gun-related threats.

ZeroEyes-GunDetection-23The investment in the solutions was chosen following an evaluation of the system at work with Hobbs Municipal School District over the past year, covering 19 schools. The town of Hobbs has a population of around 40,000 people.

The platform, designed to act as a visual gun detection and intelligent situational awareness solution, will be layered onto Hobbs’ existing digital video surveillance cameras.

If a gun is spotted, images will be instantly shared with a specialised group of US military and law enforcement veterans at a ZeroEyes Operation Centre, staffed at all times. The experts are trained to verify threats and dispatch alerts and intelligence such as gun type and last known location to local staff and law enforcement – with the aim of three-five seconds from detection.

“We believe the implementation of ZeroEyes within the general public will help deter and reduce crimes involving firearms,” said Reanna Alarcon, Public Information and Community Relations Officer, Hobbs Police Department.

“We would like to thank the City of Hobbs for investing in this programme and the additional protection for the citizens we serve.”

“Criminals have become increasingly emboldened over the past few years, and it needs to stop now,” added Mike Lahiff, CEO and co-founder of ZeroEyes.

“With ZeroEyes deployed throughout the city of Hobbs, law enforcement will receive not just an immediate warning any time a gun is illegally brandished, but actionable intelligence so they know exactly what kind of situation they are walking into. In active shooter scenarios, this kind of situational awareness can mean the difference between life and death.”


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