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July 19, 2019

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Eagle Eye Networks partnership offers SALTO KS customers video-access control integration

Eagle Eye Networks, the global leader in cloud video surveillance, has announced a technology partnership with cloud access control brand Salto Systems.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS has been integrated with the recently upgraded SALTO KS [keys as a service] application. Within the SALTO KS mobile app, a user can now confirm a person’s identity via video before remotely granting access to a door. Video footage can be stored offsite in cloud back-up.

SALTO KS, which requires no installation of software, is a cloud-based, wireless access control system.

The integration will be of interest to end users in verticals that prize seamless integration between their video surveillance and access control technologies – and further incentivise migration to cloud-based systems in a security market still dominated by server-based systems.

System integrators, meanwhile, will spy opportunities for durable customer relationships and monthly recurring revenues on both video and access control products. Although migration to the cloud has been slower than many other industries, the same benefits versus on-site integrations – being faster, arguably more secure with superior redundancy of customer data – are persuading growing numbers of integrators to abandon the traditional model. Secure RESTtful APIs are critical to this trend.

Eagle Eye Networks says configuration with an Eagle Eye Cloud VMS customer account can be accomplished quickly in a few simple steps with the relevant customer account credentials.

“We share the cloud vision and core values like security and reliability, and both sell and support through a global network.” Rick Voogt, MD, SALTO KS

“It is great to be able to provide this integration with what we perceive is our twin in the industry for CCTV,” said Rick Voogt, MD of SALTO KS. “Twins because our companies are almost the same age, we share the cloud vision, both share core values like security and reliability and both sell and support through a global network.”

Said Dean Drako, CEO and founder of Eagle Eye Networks: “We are pleased to work alongside Salto Systems globally to provide a better user experience for both end users and channel partners. Cloud systems are rapidly becoming the better option in physical security and we are determined to continue leading the transformation with strong partnerships like this one with Salto Systems.”

Customers, resellers or other systems developers can find out more here. For questions on Salto’s partner programs, contact your regional Salto Sales Channel office.

Eagle Eye Networks is the dominant name in the cloud-based video surveillance market in North America. The acquisition, in 2017, of Panasonic Cloud Management Services Europe BV, has catapulted the brand into a major presence across EMEA too.

Eagle Eye Networks provides a cloud-based security and operations video management system (VMS) providing both cloud and on-premise recording and a cloud video API for integrations and application development. The API uses the Eagle Eye Big Data Video Framework, with time-based data structures used for indexing, search, retrieval and analysis of the live and archived video.

The SALTO KS wireless access control system is pitched as easy to use for customers in environments that include co-working spaces, co-living buildings, student accommodation, retail, multi-tenant housing and gyms. SALTO KS sells its products through global SALTO dealers and installation partners. Headquartered in Oiartzun, Spain, SALTO Systems has offices around the world, with SALTO KS based in Amsterdam.


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