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January 1, 2014

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Mobile access series #1: What you need to know

Raytec launches award winning network illuminators

Raytec’s Vario IP is the first network CCTV illuminator in the security industry. With Vario IP, users can not only adjust their IP cameras remotely, but they can now control their lighting in the same way too, via web interface or video management system.

Vario IP won the prestigious IFSEC award for Best CCTV System of the Year 2013, at the IFSEC International exhibition this year in the UK.

The award winning Vario IP is available in both Infra-Red and White-Light LED. It provides dedicated IP lighting for network cameras, allowing for remote set up, commissioning, operation and maintenance of your lighting scheme, from anywhere on the network 24/7. Users have full control over their lighting at all times to respond to live events in real time, using lighting to deter crime. They can also alter settings in response to operational changes for the best CCTV images and safety at all times.

Vario IP makes it much easier to operate large CCTV systems in a more secure and much greener way. VARIO IP can be controlled individually or in groups by a variety of other security technologies e.g., cameras/ detectors, and scheduled using a timer for activation only when needed, to reduce electrical consumption even further.

An API is available for seamless VMS integration, allowing quick and easy operation of your lighting within your overall security system. Vario IP reduces visits to site, minimises labour time and costs, whilst ensuring maximum performance from your system at all times.

The VARIO family of Illuminators

All VARIO illuminators including Vario IP help cameras produce superior images at night and generate longer illumination distances using less power. With interchangeable lensing and Hot-spot Reduction Technology, Vario makes specification much easier, and makes over-exposure and noisy images a thing of the past, even for the less experienced lighting integrator.


Interchangeable Lensing

With multiple angles available from one product, Vario’s interchangeable lenses provide the flexibility to easily alter the output angle of illumination to match the exact camera field of view. The lighting can be altered to respond instantly to changes on site without having to change the unit – slotting in a different angle lens when required. A standard VARIO kit includes interchangeable lenses to deliver angles of 10, 35 and 60 degrees out of the box; enough flexibility to cover most applications (other angles are available on request).


Hot-spot Reduction Technology

Most illuminators produce a circular beam pattern, but Vario holographic lenses with Hot Spot Reduction Technology produce a highly diffused elliptical beam delivering more even light distribution. Vario outputs less light waste up into the sky and less light into the immediate foreground, reducing hot-spots or overexposure of subjects which are closer to the camera. Subjects at different depths on scene will be more evenly illuminated – producing a much better CCTV image. With a more focused and targeted beam, VARIO also generates longer distances compared to traditional illuminators.


Vario Adaptive Illumination

Vario Adaptive Illumination double and triple panel variants are also available. VARIO AI offers more flexibility, more power, even greater distances, and ultimate control over beam alignment. The panels can be quickly and easily adapted on site to alter the horizontal beam angle on site anywhere from 10° to 180° (model dependant) – with Vario IR with HRT vs Normal IR distances up to 380m.

The Seagate Surveillance Storage Survey Report 2018

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