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October 20, 2015

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Samsung Techwin Europe and Veracity Launch TRINITY Surveillance Solution that Doesn’t Need an NVR

Product in a nutshell: Samsung Techwin Europe and Veracity have teamed up to launch TRINITY, an IP network video surveillance solution that does not require a server or network video recorder (NVR).

Sectors/Verticals: Suitable for both high and low camera counts requiring installations.

Samsung Techwin Europe and Veracity Jointly Develop Unique Video Recording and Storage Solution


  • Run multiple applications simultaneously: Based on the Samsung WiseNetIII open platform cameras with higher processing speed it is possible to run multiple applications simultaneously on TRINITY
  • Direct to storage recording:  Veracity’s award-winning recording solution Coldstore enables the Trinity to offer direct to storage recording. This helps in collection and analysis of data via different specialist video analytics solutions.
  • Power-efficient storage solutions: Coldstore reduces power demands by 90% compared to standard server-based storage solutions.
  • Tool for operation managers: Ueful for operation managers to acquire management information that could assist them in improving efficiency in areas such as process control, health and safety, marketing and human resource management.
  • View recorded images in third-party applications: In Trinity recorded images can be viewed by any third-party PSIM or VMS (video management system) client application that incorporates SDK
  • Recording enabled without recording device: TRINITY is a scalable system which does not require a server or network recording device and still supports audio and metadata as well as video
  • High storage capacity: Coldstore hard disk storage is specially designed for large-scale surveillance installations or projects with long video retention time requirements
  • Camera-level failover
  • Resilience to network interruptions 

Manufacturer says: “Our technicians have worked very closely with the Veracity team to ensure users can achieve the maximum benefit from TRINITY,” says Dan England, technology partner manager for Samsung Techwin Europe.

“Being able to record and store metadata directly to COLDSTORE is particularly important as customers are increasingly specifying applications to run on WiseNetIII cameras that can be used to collect and analyse data via different specialist video analytics solutions.

Says Veracity group CEO Alastair McLeod: “In simple terms, WiseNetIII cameras are now able to write directly to disk.

“The TRINITY architecture empowers the Samsung WiseNetIII cameras to record directly to COLDSTORE, whilst providing users with the option to retrieve and view the recorded images via our TRINITY Player utility or, more significantly, by any third-party PSIM or VMS client application that incorporates our easy to implement media SDK.”

About Manufacturer:

About Samsung Techwin Europe: Part of Hanwha Techwin, Samsung Techwin Europe offers professional video surveillance solutions which are widely accessible across Europe via an extensive network of distributors.

Veracity: Veracity designs and manufactures innovative surveillance storage and IP transmission products that “elegantly solve real world installation challenges”.

Many of the company’s products have applications beyond the traditional security market in VoIP, IT, transport, process control, data-logging, building management and safety monitoring systems.


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